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Fly with Google’s Hummingbird: 3 Ways to Incorporate PR Into Your SEO Strategy

Historically, it has been a common view that Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization strategies were strikingly different; PR was the yin, and SEO was the yang that came together…

How the Internet Helps New Businesses Thrive

If you’re just starting a business, it’s a great idea to find ways to limit your expenses and maximize revenue. But this might prove to be a struggle, especially when…

Five Pieces of Home Tech That Scream Luxury

Smart home technology is prized for its convenience, but it can also be implemented to transform your house from an average abode to a lush home that makes every day…

Unleashing Patent Value

In this interview Dr Ghafele, Managing Director of OxFirst, explains why the valuation of intellectual property should be a central element of any business.  Dr Ghafele, why does the valuation…

5 Ways to Leverage Technology During COVID-19

Technology may not avert the pandemic from occurring, but it can surely help avoid its spread. The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the vulnerabilities of Indian workplaces with the obsolete entry…

7 Ways Technology Has Changed Our Lives for the Better

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdowns, some aspects of today’s life were put in a new light. One of these is how little things change for…
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How To Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription Via Browser?

A lot of millennials use Spotify. Its premium subscription enables users to listen to their favorite songs without any ads and download them. This is available at $9.99 per month….

TweakBox App – Jailbreak Alternative for iPhone Users

TweakBox is a top-rated and most popular app store. It is unofficial, plus it contains thousands of apps, games, Cydia tweaks, and much other content, all free and no jailbreak…

How to Use Machine Learning in Your Business?

If we sit down to look into the advancements that technology has made, the one that would top the list is how we have made them think independently and make…

7 Pros and Cons of E-Books

Throughout history, technological advancements were shaping the way people manage their daily activities. However, the innovations of the 21st century are likely to alter our lifestyle more than ever before….

Age Verification: Safeguarding Our Children

Humans, regardless of age, have their lives changed upside down, ever since the adoption of digital practices. Nevertheless, this change post the digital world has its own pros and cons….

How to Get Microsoft Office for Free

Having Microsoft Office on your PC is almost essential these days. With this family of apps, you will be able to write and edit documents with Microsoft Word, create and…