10 Tips for Content Marketing in 2020

Content Marketing

Creating engaging content to share on your website, blog and even social media is the bloodline of a successful marketing strategy. Without engaging content that the target audience will enjoy, there is no way to generate meaningful leads or grow the brand following.

Content creation and distribution is very important to market to the audience you have targeted. How can you succeed when planning a content strategy and implementing it? Here are 10 tips for a successful content marketing strategy in 2020:

Use a CMS that Meets the brand Requirements

 There are many CMS platforms you can choose from, and some hosting providers also offer this service or can also have it customized. Although there is a wide variety of CMS available from various developers, you need to understand that not all platforms will meet your website’s requirements.

The majority of CMS platforms that exist are hard to understand and take some time to get used to. As a business person, you simply do not have enough time for that. When choosing a CMS, go for a simple and easy to use platform with many plugins available like WordPress.


 Before you start creating content and sharing it on different mediums online, it is essential to determine why you’re initiating this marketing strategy. Is it because you would like to generate more leads? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Once you have determined the reason why it is time to create SMART KPIs.

These types of KPIs are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-oriented. As time goes on, periodically check on how far you are from meeting the KPIs and track its performance. If any amendments should be made, implement them right away.

Research Content Topics

 One of the most important steps of content creation is brainstorming the topics that will be used. Content topics should not be chosen arbitrarily but should be researched and backed up with reasons why they must be used. Establish how each topic contributes to meeting the KPIs you have set.

Try to research probable topics weekly to try and keep up with trending news and updates impacting the industry you are in. It’s best to hire a professional writer or from an online service to assist you with the writing tasks. Once this step is complete, create the best content around the topics that have been selected.

Make the Content Posted on the Blog Shareable to Social Media

The blog posts you create may not be enough to incite a positive following that meets your KPIs. To boost the reach of this content you have created, make the content social media-friendly. Using social media as a sounding board can help make the content you have created go viral and reach exponentially more people.

You can do that by optimizing the blog post to display the correct short description and image on social media platforms. Additionally, include social media sharing buttons of the major platforms to allow other readers to share the content for you.

Repurpose Content

Content marketing does not entail blog posts only but also includes posting on social media and a variety of other distribution channels. or Search in Google Write for us Technology When creating a new content, keep an open mind to this and try to identify how you can repurpose the blog posts created. For example, you might want to convert a blog post to a YouTube video or infographic to post on social media.

There are many different ways to do this but you have to ensure that the posts you’re going to choose for this purpose are performing well. Repurposing content that is not doing well can waste a lot of time and financial resources.

Conduct SEO Effectively According to the Latest Trends

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not dead and should be continually implemented to get higher rankings on Google. The way SEO is conducted has changed dramatically over the years. Due to changing industry trends and technological advancements, you have to keep up with the latest SEO tactics.

For example, you should not only target regular keywords but also mix them with long-tail ones. That is because of the increasing numbers of voice searches conducted to get access to information. There are other SEO advancements that you should keep up with to make your content marketing strategy successful in 2020.

Back up Statistics Included in the Content

 When creating content, you might include statistics whenever necessary to make the blog posts more authoritative. These statistics can either make or break your content marketing strategy and that is why you should be extra careful. Conduct proper research and find reputable sources that back up the statistics and hyperlink them.

If you include statistics without backing them up, there is a high possibility that they are inaccurate. Any discrepancy in the statistics you include can discredit the content and taint the brand’s reputation. To avoid all of this, conduct thorough research and provide proof of where the statistics are from.

Answer the most Complex Questions with your Content

 To make your content unique and draw more traffic, create it to answer very complex questions that most businesses or bloggers do not dare to write about. Complex questions that make a great impact on the lives of customers will improve the success rate of the content marketing strategy.

When answering those questions, do not use complicated technical terms but rather put in it layman’s terms for the audience to understand it better. Remember that you are not creating the content for industry professionals only but some people do not understand technical terms in the target audience.

Stick to the Editorial Calendar Created

 When planning the content marketing strategy, do not forget drafting an editorial calendar including all the relevant days you should remember. Those days include the days you will post content and other relevant days of reviewing the KPIs and discussing any due changes.

Once you have established this calendar, make sure that it is followed. If you think some days might slip your mind, use a content scheduling tool to automatically post blogs or social media material. An editorial calendar is essential in making the content marketing strategy more manageable and organized.

Utilize Content Marketing tools to your Best Advantage

Content marketing tools can help a lot when implementing the strategy you have devised. You can get SEO tools to boost your visibility on search engine results or improve the social media buttons to get more shares. There are keyword research tools that can identify the most successful competitive keywords you should use.

Depending on the content marketing strategy you have developed, you can simplify the workload by implementing the relevant tools. If you are using WordPress, efficiently use plugins that contribute to the content marketing strategy. Do not overuse plugins because they can slow down the website and hinder all SEO strategies.

Final Thoughts

 Implementing these 10 tips for content marketing in 2020 can exponentially improve the reach of your business. When repurposing content, you will reach a wider audience because the best performing blogs can be redesigned for other distribution channels. Using relevant tools to get the job done will simplify the tasks you have to do and if you’re using WordPress, use the available plugins effectively.

Author Bio: Charlie Svensson has rich experience in writing  custom essay writing service  and other academic assignments that include thesis and dissertations. He is currently working as the head writer and editor for a well-known assignment writing service. His research skills and a strong grip on the English language helps him to deliver quality assignments, one after another.

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