5 Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission (2020)

by KEN

Spy applications have changed the whole scenario of technological advancements. To know what someone is doing on their cell phone is just a click away.

Are you afraid your employees might be sharing information with rivals? Do you want to keep a check on what your children do on social media? If yes, it makes sense to want to track a cell phone without them knowing. This article mentions the five best phone tracking apps that allow you to monitor other phones without them knowing.


An application that allows spying on devices you install it on. This app requires a subscription and provides a free demo on its page.

For an iPhone user, you just need to put the username and password of iCloud on your target smartphone. For an Android phone, you will need physical access to the target device to install this application. You can seamlessly hide it with the help of settings on the smartphone.

SpyBubble Pro

This application lets you spy on the calls and messages of the target phone. In addition to that, you can view the browsing history and target location.

SpyBubble gives a lot of advantages over other apps:

  • Its return policy is of 60 days. Most apps have 7 to 10 days of return policy.
  • In one single license, you can monitor multiple phones at once.

This app also works in the background and is undetectable. It can help track a cell phone without them knowing.

Mobile Tracker Free

The best thing about this spy app is that it provides many free features. Go to their site, register yourself, and then start tracking your target phone.

This app features include:

  • Tracking SMS or MMS
  • Phone calls
  • GPS location
  • Photos and Images
  • All social networking sites
  • Record ambient sound of the phone

Spy Stealth

This spy application provides the same features as other apps at a pocket-friendly cost, making it one of the most reliable and affordable options.

Advantages of using this spy app:

  • It hardly takes a few minutes to set up the app.
  • The app icon will not display. You will be 100% MIA.
  • Updates of target phone appear after every 5 minutes.
  • All the information is secured.
  • Only you have access to the information.

Like other apps, you can track almost everything there is on the target’s phone.

GPS Tracker App

Google Maps is the most commonly used tracker app; almost every Android phone user must have used this app at least once in their lives. However, Apple Maps and Google Maps are considered unprofessional trackers.

This kind of application can only track someone when they share their live location with you. Thus, these trackers are not that advanced as compared to the other apps. You won’t be able to view text messages, calls, videos, photos, or anything else. This app is limited to live location sharing.

How to perfectly choose the right app to track phone

You need to make a list of specific points that you want in your phone tracker. Now search according to that list to find the one that suits you the best.

You can search according to your:

  • Budget
  • Requirements
  • Time

On the internet, you can find the right tracker according to your needs.

Frequently asked questions about tracker apps

Here are some FAQS about trackers

Q. How can one secretly track others’ phones?

To spy on someone’s phone secretly, various apps are available online. These apps make it easy to spy and track a cell phone without them knowing. 

Q. Who should opt for these apps?

There are various reasons why someone is looking for a tracker app:

  • A concerned parent
  • A suspicious spouse
  • An insecure boyfriend
  • The employer concerned about his colleagues

Using GPS to track someone’s location, but it’s not always enough. What if you want to know why your children’s grades are declining? Why do they now spend so much time on their smartphones? You want something more than just the location of your child.

These phone tracking apps are not just limited to check the activities of a person. It can also help find your lost or stolen mobile phones. 

Q. What do I need in a perfect tracker?

  • An app that can be installed quickly and is user friendly. It means you don’t require a degree to operate it. When you install it, you don’t have to read a full guide for a setup. It should be as easy and straightforward as handling social apps.
  • Before installing any app, check if it is compatible with your device or not. The devices lacking updates or very old ones might create issues and ruin your user experience. Usually, reliable apps don’t cause such problems, but it’s better to take precautions.
  • What kind of features do you want? Do you only want to track calls or just read text? Are you looking for a good spy app or just a locator? Keep this in mind before selecting any app. Make sure the tracker consists of features that you need.
  • Avoid going for a free tracker, they are useless. Good spy software will cost a certain amount because of the features it offers. Look for trackers that fit into your budget and entails an array of positive user reviews.
  • Customer support tells you the standard of an app. Their response to your queries and how fast they act on your complaints convey a lot about the app.


Q. What all can I do with these apps?

  • A lot of phone tracker apps allow you to listen to phone calls of the target. You can monitor the incoming and outgoings in the tracked phone. Some apps also allow you to record those calls and store them on your mobiles.
  • A location tracker is a widespread feature in most spy apps nowadays. You can know where the tracked person is right now with the help of these locator apps. GPS is a part of our daily lives and is used as a location tracker by almost everyone.
  • Some apps allow recording the screen of the target phone. It can include YouTube, SMS, social platforms, and calls. The presence of live screen feature in the apps enables these recordings on tracked phones.
  • Keeping a tab on calls and texts is again a common feature in most of the tracker apps. You can see the sent and received messages from the phone, including the retrieved one. Some apps allow tracking emails of the targeted phone as well.
  • One of the essential features of a perfect phone tracker is a keylogger. Now keyloggers can help you know what the tracked person is searching, and you can check their complete browser history.


Consider these points when looking for a perfect tracker app. Check the apps mentioned in this article to understand their features. You can compare the different features they offer along with your budget. Take a further step if they meet your precise requirements. Some apps can track laptops and computers or even monitor the tracked device from the computer screen. Research well and choose a tracker that best fits your requirement.

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