5 Constructive Ways To Increase The App Response Rate

Start from big hat organizations, businesses to startups- all are making a way towards mobile application development. In order to remain strong in the market along with capturing a hold of users’ attention, mobile applications have become a viable way.

With the help of mobile applications and the right mobile app development company, it is easy to gain an expected customer base while putting efforts into global recognition too. There are many applications like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, that have gained enormous popularity but then there are many apps that have failed miserably.

Even after showcasing a strong ideology behind the application, when an app fails, it shows several parameters that are also failing. The parameters can be app’s elements, designing, no strong app viral strategies, lack of ASO implementations or maybe no active users.

Other technological parameters can still be corrected, but what is actually challenging is to make users come back to the app. Many a time, the app download count shows inclined graph whereas the active user graph declines slowly and gradually. This shows that users are losing control over it.

In order to regain customer’s attention towards your application, there are tips that can be followed. So, without further ado, let us get started with the tips to increase the app responsive rate.

5 tips to increase mobile app responsive rate


  • Sign-up screen

The process that starts from visiting the app store, looking for the right app, downloading it by accepting all the terms and conditions is itself a user journey. The journey only ends when using the core features of the application.

Instead of offering the user smooth onboarding experience, throwing too long or pushing the sign-up process turns them off. This many times results in forcing them to abandon the app or uninstall it.

Until and unless, it is important to put a long and lengthy sign-up process, it is recommended to cut short the process. And if not necessary, leaving it or showing it as an option is a good way to attract the user. You can also add a social media plugin option integrated into the app for more convenience. Convey the requirement to your iOS or Android app developers too.

  • Push notifications

It is good to remind users of what they are missing in the app. To do so, there is no best way than push notifications, even better than emails and messages.

The practice is seen good enough till you are informing users of what they are missing. For example- a new deal, discounts in the app, or a user half-done payment process, or items left in the cart.

Along with this information, if you push too much-stuffed notifications, the practice might annoy or agitate users to uninstall the app. In order to increase the app response rate, make sure you know the balance between information and stuffed notifications.

  • Localizing the app

Every business wants a global presence with a large set of user bases too. To offer the service to worldwide users, it is mandatory to localize the app too.

The difference in types of users, location, domains, zone, region all plays an important role in the app response rate. And in order to increase response rate and mobile app ratings, it is good to localize the app as per users, and locations too.

In this situation, the use of geolocation app development can also help. Serving in the same language user speaks, will always make them connected to the app instead of serving them in a few standard languages.

  • Right content

Believe it or not, the content will remain a king.

The right pick of words, beading them in a sentence and then making a paragraph is a calculative task. But when it comes to mobile app content, it is important to understand what kind of content should be placed in it.

Annoying users with too much content should not happen. The content in the app should be the right balance of the app’s intent, idea behind it without losing the essence of any other core features.

Always remember that content creates a communication with the user, breaking this communication due to content will break the bond. Ensure you are choosing the right words, at the right time.

  • Social media help

Today, mobile apps are not limited to the app store only. Mobile applications are exploring social media platforms too.

With the help of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, the changed/new/added features & functionality of the app have also been shown to the users. Users are more likely to open the app or download it through different channels. Also, gaining information about the app is also possible through social media platforms too.

Ensure you are showcasing your app on social media grounds too. This will result in an increased app response rate using Geocode API.

These are the 5 tips to definitely follow in order to increase the app response rate whereas there are more in the list that should be followed too.

Users are the fuel that takes the app to reach the success destination. Hence, make sure you are doing that will woo users at the very first glance. Remember, an app idea only blooms when it is adorned with other app development elements too.

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