5 Home playground essentials to keep your toddlers happy

Playgrounds have been our favorite thing in the whole world than any other thing. It was just magical to have a playground in the backyard with all those colorful swings.

Have you ever thought that your kids feel the same?

Where it is more of a digital world, it has become important than anything to have a time outside of the house leaving all the gadgets away for a while, which is almost impossible but here a snack. You can add these amazing playgrounds essential at your home to get your kids to love having a playtime besides all the whirlpool of technology.

We have gathered the most fun and engaging essentials that can be added to the playground at home.

Fun playground essentials you can add to your backyard

 Let’s make your playground an enchanting place for your kids where old-fashioned and simple play area can be a perfect place to explore.

Homemade water wall

Old water bottles, some worn-out cups, a few pipes, and you are all set to make an adventurous, most fun, and engaging playground game. This is not only an entertaining but also a learning game for kids. It will help them in understanding how physics works in a lighter way.

You can also include colored water, balls, sand, and other stuff to make it more entertaining.

Water slide

Kids have an unexplainable love for the water. A water game can never go wrong with the kids, especially when it is hot.

Water slides have always been tempting. Kids love it more than anything. A water slide is for sure going to last for a lifetime when it comes to spending time in the playground.

There are different types of water slides available in the market, such as;

  • Inflatable slides
  • Plastic slides

These are the two most common and the most promising slides that comes in all the different shapes, sizes, and designs along with easy assembling and installation at home.

You can always choose the one that best suits your needs. For instance, inflatable slides can come handy if you have no extra space. You can always inflate them and use only when they are required. Unlike inflatable slides, plastic slides are fixed in the ground permanently. They are more feasible if you have a big lawn as you will not be needing to assemble it every time you need it.

Backyard campsite

Bring your kids imagination to life by providing them with a backyard campsite until they are ready for real camping.

Here we are offering you not only day time activities but also some night time fun with camping and small DIY firepit as no camping is complete without a fire. Adding up a small picnic table will give a perfect marshmallow roasting for the kids.

Obviously under parental supervision!


No playground is complete without a swing. It can never be called a playground if it does not have a swing.

Well, now the thing is, what kind of swing you want to go for?

There are swings available in the market that offer a durable and secure built for kids of every age and weight from toddlers to kids over 25 pounds and more. You can also build one by yourself as they are as easy as anything.

There are a few things you will be needing to make a fun swing for your kids. An old tire and a strong and sturdy chain or a rope would do fine. You just have to screw some holes in the tire and secure it with a rope and hang it over the tree.

Climbing wall

Adventure is what kids want, anything that brings running and climbing.

Here comes a climbing wall that never goes out of fashion. You can go for pre-made climbing walls or build one for you.

These amazing and the most essential playground entertainment will keep your kids engaged all the time along with numerous health benefits that cannot be gained sitting inside in front of the gadgets day and night.

Benefits of residential playground

Well, not to waste all the effort on setting up a playground for kids, the good news is that it offers;

  • Learning through playing
  • Offers off-screen entertainment
  • Helps in building body strength
  • It also helps in creating better social interaction
  • Increase stamina
  • Playtime in the day time helps in getting the right amount of sun
  • Playtime keep kids away from screen-time, which helps in preventing them from harmful rays
  • Physical activity improves sleeping patterns
  • Increases appetite
  • Playground serves as a perfect exercise ground for kids
  • They can get all the fresh air and enjoy or learn about various weather


Safety is priority

Where all of these games are fun and exciting it is important to make sure the swings you are using in your yard are safe as per the age requirement. Most of the people overlook safety when it comes to residential playgrounds.

Building a kid-friendly play area in the house can take a little time to make sure there are no risks involved as the expert say that we have seen an increase in the number of residential playground injuries because the safety id highly neglected.

It is important to make sure that you have taken all the precautions and followed safety guidelines before leaving your kids in the playground, especially unattended, which is not preferable. Read more

Hope you understand where it is important to have a playground in your house, it is necessary to make all the safety measures to prevent yourself from problems in the future.

Besides all these playground essentials, you can go for various DIYs to make it more fun and twisting. Involving your kids into DIY projects can be fun.

. . . And oh hey! How about having a little workshop in the backyard where your little workers can make their own stuff using old stuff.

Well, that sounds like a great idea.

Happy building!

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