5 Must-have Productivity Tools for Remote Finance Teams

5 Must-have Productivity Tools for Remote Finance Teams

Does your business have the right tools to streamline daily workflows and facilitate efficiency and productivity within teams?

As companies adapt to the changing work environments, they need to leverage the right tools and software to aid remote collaboration. For example, easy project management, enhanced employee engagement, simplified expense management, and more. These tools simplify and streamline processes and take off a considerable chunk of redundant work to help Finance teams concentrate on other high-impact tasks.

Thus if business owners are looking to empower Finance teams, having a set of software to help take off some load would be a wise start. To help you find the right productivity tools, we have compiled a list of software to make remote collaboration work, irrespective of the physical distance that separates your employees. Let’s dive in!

Top tech tools that will increase your Finance teams’ productivity 

1. Fyle

5 Must-have productivity tools for remote Finance teams

Fyle is a cloud-based modern expense management software designed to simplify expense reporting, tracking, and management for Finance teams. It comes with a unified dashboard that lets Finance teams have a bird’s eye view over all expenses across the organization. It also has a real-time policy-check engine that ensures no policy violations or fraudulent expenses get by. Armed with these features and 100% visibility and control over expense management, Finance teams can transition from individual contributors to strategic leaders who help the company save and optimize costs.

Popular features for Finance teams:

  • Stores all receipts safely in a centralized, searchable cloud storage
  • Automatically reconciles expenses, receipts, and card transactions without any manual intervention
  • Schedules automated reminders for employees and approvers to submit or review expense reports
  • Documents all actions taken by all stakeholders on an expense report in a detailed digital audit trail
  • Ensures only expense policy compliant, non-fraudulent expense reports get by with no additional effort
  • Easily integrates with existing accounting tools and migrates all expense data in an accounting-friendly manner

2. Hypercontext

5 Must-have productivity tools for remote Finance teams

Hypercontext is a workflow software that helps remote teams streamline their meetings and goals. Managers and remote teams can also combine regular one-on-ones and team meetings in one place. This enables Finance teams to organize a dedicated space for feedback, thereby tracking progress along the way. The tool also helps Finance teams document decisions, access meeting agendas, track action plans, and much more with just a click of a button.

Popular features for Finance teams:

  • Run more collaborative 1:1s and team meetings
  • Gather employee feedback in real-time to improve meeting engagement
  • Send out meeting notes to participants automatically
  • Document discussions and assign next steps for participants to ensure accountability
  • Get access to a massive library of conversation starters, agenda templates, and examples to boost your management

3. Slack

5 Must-have productivity tools for remote Finance teams

Slack is a popular communication tool for teams working from remote spaces. Slack empowers Finance teams by simplifying workflows and enhancing communication by creating dedicated channels for employees and vendors. It also allows employees to view all the discussions and files concerning a particular project with just a click. This helps Finance teams document conversations and empowers them to tackle problems faster.

Popular features for Finance teams:

  • Allows users to create dedicated channels for team discussion around ongoing operations
  • Enables quick video or audio calls for time-sensitive tasks via their huddle feature
  • Helps users to search and find project-specific files and documents easily across channels

Connect your internal Slack channel with those outside of your organization to close tasks with vendors faster. Slack can integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools.

4. Hive

5 Must-have productivity tools for remote Finance teams

Hive is a project management tool that helps remote teams be productive and efficient. With Hive, teams can create simple workflows for complex processes under a single platform. They can also keep a tab on upcoming deadlines and tasks and manage multiple projects using the Portfolio view. In addition, teams can quickly assign tasks, even for upcoming projects, and managers can track their teams with timesheets.

Popular features for Finance teams:

  • Manage multiple projects using task lists, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, or calendar views
  • Collect information promptly from employees and store all  information under Hive
  • Ensure feedback doesn’t get lost by notifying teammates by tagging them once done.
  • Chat with teams in real-time and create tasks from emails, once done with feedback.

5. Friday

5 Must-have productivity tools for remote Finance teams

Friday is an excellent employee success and engagement software for remote teams to stay connected and work more efficiently. The software helps employees sync by seamlessly sharing meeting notes, proposals, and essential conversations. The tool also ensures all business goals align with the company values and set OKRs.

Popular features for Finance teams:

  • Allows users to customize and automate their routine updates using the work routines feature
  • Helps employees roadmap and share their day’s routine with the daily planner feature
  • Sets goals across the organization to ensure work aligns with the broader OKRs of the company
  • Enables teams to track their time spent in meetings and managers to check how teams are trending
  • Friday’s integrated, centralized hub glues together your most important stuff at work in one place

Choose the right tools for your remote Finance team today!

Modern tech tools can help improve existing processes, save time and money, avoid burnouts, and increase employee morale. You can establish strong and clear communication between your remote teams by picking the right tools for them. Once done, you can expect your remote workforce to be more productive, engaged, and efficient, even with them working miles away from each other.

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