5 Simple Ways to Spy on a Cell Phone without Having It

As a youngster, I always got inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Every time I binge-watch it, it leaves me in awe. As age increased, my fantasy to turn into a Sherlock Holmes in real-life grew too.

Now, I can spy on someone’s phone with full perfection and never miss a single detail. In case you’re wondering how I managed to pull it off then here is the secret. I have found five simple cell phone spying apps that work stupendously.

I don’t have to touch the target phone, be around it, and get involved in some tedious set-up and installation jobs while using these spy apps. Are you excited to know about them? Then let’s get started.

#1 – Spyic

My dream of becoming a Sherlock Holmes in real life turned into reality when I learned about Spyic. It’s a cell phone spy app that can break all the traditional norms of spying and has paved a new path that is free from fears, apprehensions, hassles, and worries.

It’s not only me who has trusted over Spyic. Millions of others have also shown trust in it and Spyic hasn’t disappointed any.

Visit Spyic website and you will find the live proof of it in the ‘Reviews’ section.

All these positive reviews from end-users and world media houses like CNET, iGeekBlog, and Forbes are more than enough to make you believe that if you want to spy in real-life than nothing is better than Spyic.

I think now you must be excited to know about how to spy on a cell phone using Spyic and start using it. But before you make any further move, here are the few things that you must learn a few things about Spyic.

●      Jailbreak and rooting are out of the question

With Spyic, you enjoy 100% risk-free and discreet spying on other’s cell phone as jailbreak/rooting are nowhere involved in this spy app.

This solution has developed a new spying technique that follows the syncing and pairing path. It works in such a hush-hush manner that no one will ever find out what you are up to.

●      Everything that you ever require

If you decide to spy on other’s cell phones using Spyic then let me tell you one thing that you are going to enjoy the most comprehensive spying facility that has ever made. It can do live and reliable monitoring of more than 35 phone activities.

There is hardly anything that won’t come under Spyic’s radar.

●      You don’t have to be a Pro

Spyic offers you the most user-friendly spying solution that you can ever find out.

It’s a 100% web-based interface, an app that runs in stealth mode, and a dashboard that you can access using any of the devices/browsers are some of the things that make Spyic user-friendly.

●      Accuracy at its best

There is no match to Spyic’s data accuracy. No matter how frequently the activities are changing on the targeted device, Spyic is capable of fetching data with full accuracy. What’s more exciting is the timestamp that comes with every data.

#2 – Spyier

Though I was quite happy and satisfied with what Spyic was offering me, I decided to find out some more alternatives. Spyier is what I discovered next and I am glad that I found it as this is a ground-breaking spy app.

  • Spyier has changed the way of cell phone spying with its inventive and risk-free technology that doesn’t save your data on its server and follows the path of jailbreak/rooting.
  • Your every move is hidden as it has a stealth mode to cover your motive.
  • Without asking for any special hardware/software requirements, it comes to your service.

  #3 – Minspy

Minspy is the third cell phone spying app that can be trusted blindly. Millions have already done that and enjoyed risk-free spying. Thanks to its cut-above spying technology that doesn’t ask for high-end spying skills and special tools to spy on others.

  • Minspy can be a game-changer for all those who don’t want to spend their life-time savings on spying and still not sure about accuracy. It’s a cost-effective option that renders quality data without any compromise.
  • It assists you with diligence that hardly anything will be left out. You can spy on 35+ phone activities.
  • It’s a cost-effective option and still offers you world-class assistance.

#4 – Spyine

Spyine is what has grabbed fourth place in the rundown. This position is well-earned as Spyine comes with some extraordinary traits that have helped it to win the trust of millions and world media.

  • Spyine is a feature-rich spy app that can do live monitoring on more than 30 phone activities. From calls to apps installed, from web-searches from social media platforms, everything can be kept under surveillance.
  • In case you are wondering how would be the data accuracy then I must tell you that every data is captured in real-time and comes with a timestamp.
  • Using it is a cakewalk. Without any lengthy downloads and installation, this spy app can be at your service.

#5 – Cocospy

I would like to end the list with Cocospy as it has given a ray of hope to all those who used to drop the idea of cell phone spying just because:

  • It’s a costly and risky affair
  • It can be a tough nut to crack for all those who don’t have any prior experience in spying
  • Spying can create endless problems if something goes wrong.

But, as long as Cocospy is by your side, all these worries and tensions can be at bay from you. Not just us, but eminent spying blog Neatspy also backs this solution because of its effectiveness.

Cocospy uses such inventive spying technology that is free from all these worries. It’s a user-friendly interface, affordable subscription, and discreet operations have made spying easier than ever.


Spying on other’s cell phones is not an easy task and we all know that. But what is unknown to many is that spying can be risk-free, discreet, and easy if you have the right tool & technology by your side.

If you dig a little deeper then you will surely find out about them. To make things easier for you, we have made a rundown of such top five spy apps. Out of all those, Spyic is my best pick. But the rest four options are no less than Spyic and help you throughout.

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