5 Tips to Travel Around Europe with a Pre-Existing Condition

by KEN
Travel around Europe

Vacations are an excellent way to kick back and enjoy life for a while. Changing the scenery and people that regularly surround you can be almost therapeutic.

However, these holidays may seem like a great privilege for people who have pre-existing conditions that restrict them from travelling. If you have a condition as well, then you may feel overwhelmed with the challenges. But there is a chance for you to escape your reality and have some fun, all you need to do is plan everything ahead. Here are some tips that might be of some help.

Talk to Your Doctor

Before you start looking into travel packages and destinations, go to your doctor and tell them everything. You need to be open about the destinations you would like to visit, what you plan on doing there, and how you will travel. They need to know every little detail of the trip that you have in your mind to think about whether or not you will be safe throughout your vacation.

If your doctor says that it would be best if you don’t go through with the plan, then talk to them and try to come up with an alternative. There has to be something that you are allowed to do with your disability or condition.

Also, you need to be very careful and avoid making last-minute bookings as soon as your doctor gives you the green light. That’s because you need to do a lot of planning to be safe.

Pick the Most Suitable Destinations in Europe

Europe is a beautiful continent, and plenty of countries in it experience all four seasons. While you would want to visit all the fascinating cities and sites, your choice can have a significant impact on your overall vacation.

Your doctor should tell you the best climates to be in, and how long your travel should be for your safety. Both of these things matter a lot because they might directly impact your health. That’s why you must make smart choices.

You also need to think whether or not your travel destinations have nearby hospitals that are equipped to handle any sort of emergency you might face. Moreover, you should also check if those cities have financial institutions, as your family can quickly send a money order online if you need cash, but don’t want to bring a large sum with you or rely on the local ATMs.

Get an Insurance That Covers Your Condition

This might be the most vital part of your planning process, as it can make a tremendous difference in your vacation. While you might thinking of applying for a European Health Insurance Card, it would best to also get a policy that can cover your pre-existing condition.

The reason is that EHIC can only cover some state-provided medical care. It doesn’t include any private treatment, and it neither does it pay for you to get home again using medical aircraft.

Since special treatment can be costly, you need to find a plan that can cover your condition or disability. If you pick the right one, you can have 24-hour access to their emergency hotline and medical care. They will also cover every cost within the terms of the policy, which is usually more than enough.

Inform Your Traveling Company Ahead Of Time

You and your doctor should have already come up with the best mode of travel for your condition. But you also need to know how long you can travel for, which can be useful to add layovers in your itinerary.

If you are thinking of traveling on an airplane, then you need to inform the airline ahead of time. Telling the airline all about your condition and showing the doctor’s letter of approval can help the company prepare for your travel. That means they will make sure there is appropriate equipment on the flight. This will also help the airline alert airports to arrange for your departure and arrival.

Similarly, you should alert the railway, car rental, or the shipping company.

Don’t Forget To Take Your Medication and Document

If you already have a condition or a disability, then the chances of you having a lot of medications are pretty high. While you can get away and experience a change, you will still need to take your medications.

After you have planned your trip, you should know how long you are going to be away from home. You need to tell your doctor about the dates and get the medications. However, you should make sure to get extra medicine that can last a few more days. This can be crucial if you end up losing anything, experience delays, or want to stay at home for a few days when you get back.

Since some of the medications might not be allowed to take along with you to other countries, take all the proper documentation. That should include a letter from your doctor.

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