5 Tools Your Enterprise Needs Right Now

by KEN

Running an enterprise is not a simple task. There are numerous projects assigned to numerous teams and to ensure each task is completed effectively is really difficult. Things can easily end up in a chaotic situation with teams not reporting properly and projects missing their deadlines. Ultimately, work productivity is hampered.

So, what’s the solution? Employ specialized tools for managing different aspects of your work. Sure, you use email for team collaboration and sheets for project management, but these are not enough. You need more tools for specific activities or else, things can get messed up beyond repair.

Believe it or not, there are all kinds of business tools that can help you manage, control and improve every small task of your business. Here are 5 such tools that are a must for your enterprise right now.

  1. Team Chat Tools

Team chat tools are basically a means of improving communication among the team members. They are faster and more efficient than emails and phone calls. Teams are allowed to direct message each other or have group chats. Certain team chat tools also support file sharing and provide unlimited message history.

Slack, one of the most well-known team chat tools claims to replace the email inside your company. One of the best features of Slack is that it allows to keep conversations organized. Rather than having a single overstuffed inbox, Slack enables you to carry on your conversations in dedicated spaces called channels.

Unlike email, it allows you to choose which conversations are of immediate importance and which can wait. Stats suggest that about 65 Fortune 100 companies use Slack and by over 12 million people (as measured in 2019)

  1. Task Management Tools

As the name suggests, these tools help you with specific tasks. You can include your tasks there, name them and organize them according to their category. These tools will ensure that all your plans are executed the way you expect. They are ideal in terms of improving work productivity.

Trello is one such tool you can use for task management. It allows you to work collaboratively and get maximum work done. It provides you with boards, lists and cards that will help you prioritize your work. Trello stays in sync across all your devices no matter where you are. This means that you can easily collaborate with your team even if you are travelling.

  1. Web Archiving Tools

Web archiving tools will help you preserve websites and their information for future use. Many organizations archive their own websites as well as the websites of their clients. This comes in handy in case of legal and compliance issues. An archived website can be navigated exactly like the live website.

Stillio can help you with this. Usually, web archiving is a time-consuming process. Stillio can help you save your precious time and effort by automating this process. It allows you to capture websites at regular intervals- hourly, daily, weekly or monthly as per your choice. It will not only let you take full-length screenshots but also help you with SEO tracking, trend tracking and many more.

  1. Time Tracking Tools

These tools are ideal if you are seeking work productivity as they help you track your time. Some tools allow you to set specific estimated time for particular tasks while others allow you to manually log time entries.

Toggl is an efficient time tracking tool which has been proved to give excellent results. It provides tracking reminders and idle detection which will help your staff to remain on their feet at all times and hence work to their maximum ability.

  1. All-in-one business tools

These tools alone can solve all your problems. These are commonly known as project management software and are capable of task management, file management, proofing and reviewing, chat planning and many other tasks all under one tool. This will help you eliminate the use of different tools and save up a lot of money which you would otherwise spend on these several different tools.

ProofHub is one such all-in-one software that allows simplified project and team collaboration. It will help easily plan, collaborate, execute and deliver all projects on time using just one tool. This will also help in saving up the time utilized in switching between separate tools.

Businesses can be really stressful and overwhelming at times, but with the right kind of tech, the burden can be significantly reduced. 

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