6 Best Putty Alternatives SSH Clients for Windows


Whenever it comes to the ideal SSH clients, Putty is most probably the first one to strike our minds. It is a terminal emulator that provides a bunch of support and other necessary features. Most of the folks might prefer Putty over any other SSH client due to its user-friendly interface. However, it is well-known that several other Putty Alternatives clients provide so much more than Putty. Today we are going to explore some best Putty Alternatives.



Best Putty Alternatives for Windows

There’s no doubt that Putty is now an old program, although regular users still rely on it. Many advanced network managing tools are introduced along with time, and here we have mentioned some of them.

1. XShell


XShell is an open Windows CMD that provides complete functionality. Through the assist of the Real Windows CMD Support, it now supports full CMD Output support in the local shell. Moreover, with the Xshell’s Session Manager, you can create, edit, and launch multiple sessions smoothly and effortlessly. It comes with a straightforward and neat tabbed interface where you can work with multiple sessions simultaneously and re-arrange things accordingly. its Best Putty Alternatives.

Download XShell

2. MobaXterm


MobaXterm is a polished terminal with different enhancements for Windows. It comes with several network tools, including the X11 server, tabbed SSH client, and more efficient remote computing. It contains all the necessary UNIX commands available to Windows platforms. Furthermore, there’s no requirement for any second program to send graphics over your device, as it contains both terminals window and the x-server. it is also good Putty Alternatives.

Download MobaXterm

3. mRemoteNG


mRemoteNG is an open-source software for remote computing manager. It is a Best fork for mRemote that includes bug and error fixes and several new features. Also, it comes with a powerful interface that is very much user-friendly. Since it is an open platform, you can contribute to its development even without knowing how to code.

Download mRemoteNG

4. Kitty


Kitty is specially designed for Microsoft Windows. It is a fork from version 0.71 of Putty that offers all features from the official software. Some of its requested features are portability, sessions launcher, sessions filter, URL hyperlink, and much more. Besides, it also contains impressive technical and graphical features like automatic command/password, roll-up, transparency, etc. Furthermore, the installation and compilation process is quite easy to navigate. its best windows Putty Alternatives.

Download Kitty

5. Bitvise SSH Client


The Bitvise SSH Client is an interactive and Best Platform that assists in initiating connections to SSH servers. It is supported by almost all of the Server Versions of Windows and its available free for download. Apart from, it is considered one of the most advanced graphical SFTP clients. It also provides a one-click remote desktop forwarding feature along with a whole pack of rich features. Moreover, it further incorporates an advanced SFTP file-transfer client with several other support.

Download Bitvise SSH Client

6. Fire CMD

Last on the list is FireCMD, it is an enhanced command-line environment Software. It is available for the Windows OS that assists boost your system’s performance and provides better interaction. The tabbed interface further allows you to run multiple command lines and applications simultaneously. It also offers a broad range of necessary tools like a terminal emulator, text editor, etc. The virtual UNIX environment and other quirky features makeFireCMD worth a try. it is last Best Putty Alternatives in our List.

Download Fire CMD


Final thought

You might get oversupplied with results if you choose to look over the internet about Putty’s Alternatives. So, I’ve mentioned these six Best Terminal Emulators after lengthy Research. They’re Genuine and Provide the perfect Possible Results. In short, if you like using them, you must share your experience with us too.

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