6 Core Elements Of An Effective Logo

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If you’re a wise marketer, you’d know that your corporate logo is not just an ordinary symbol, but your entire business identity revolves around it. So, it is important to remember, the weaker your business logo, the weaker your brand identity.

Apart from this, a well-designed logo helps your brand get recognized in the minds of your target audience. This is because it demonstrates your company’s values.

Therefore, it is crucial to invest considerable time and attention while getting a corporate logo designed.

A study conducted by the Finances Online revealed that approximately 90 percent of the global population recognizes the classy logo of the Coca-Cola Company. Do you know why? This is because Coca-Cola’s logo exhibits its brand story well, and delivers brand messages that help develop an emotional connection with its intended audience.

Nevertheless, if you want to capitalize on the branding benefits of a logo, it should be effectively designed. Are you pondering how to ensure a well-designed logo? Don’t worry, we have your back! Here are the 6 core elements that can help make your logo design unique and memorable:

 #1 Ensure a Simple Logo Design

Past research revealed that people take around 5 to 7 impressions to memorize a brand. This means that the first impression that your logo creates is quite significant, and helps in establishing brand identity.

While getting a logo designed, you should remember the golden rule that says simplicity is key. This is because a simple logo design helps reflect aesthetics, and your company’s philosophy clearly.

Apart from this, a complex logo design might not be able to reflect your brand values effectively, thus deteriorating your brand messages.

For instance, a perfect example of a simple yet impactful logo design would be the Nike’s logo. A simple monochrome swoosh says it all.

#2 Make Sure Your Logo Design Reflects Your Brand Values

Next, your logo design should exhibit what your brand stands for. For this, you need to first understand the purpose of your brand, and what does it represent in front of the target audience? This involves determining the feelings or moods that your brand conveys. For instance, does your brand make your audience feel light-hearted or up-beat?

Once, you’ve identified your brand values, the next step is to ensure that your corporate logo design is coherent with your brand values. For example, Apple’s classy logo noticeably exhibits a brand with innovation and quality that are its core brand values.

#3 Choose the Most Suitable Font

It is no secret that the font type that you select can either make or break your logo design. This is because the logo font communicates your brand story to the target audience, and helps in making your logo design look more impactful.

While selecting the font type for your logo, you should keep in mind how your brand makes your audience feel, so that you can choose the font type accordingly. For example, if you have a modern and minimalistic brand personality, then you should select sans serif fonts for your logo.

Still wondering how to go about it? Here are a few tips for selecting the best font type for your logo design:

  • Choose a simple font as it makes your logo look attractive.
  • Research and find out which font type your competitors are using. This helps in gathering relevant inspirations.
  • Avoid using too many font types as they might distract your audience.
  • Do not use trendy fonts, as they are usually short-lived, and can make your logo look outdated.

#4 Select the Logo Colors Wisely

By now, we know that trademarks, like your business logo, play a vital role in your company’s branding. And so, while designing your logo, you should pay special attention to its color pallet. This is because different colors represent different branding messages and feelings.

For instance, business logos that are yellow in color exhibit accessibility, friendliness, and youthfulness. So, if your target audience mainly includes youngsters, then you can consider adding yellow in your logo design.

Besides this, while choosing your logo colors, you can select 2-3 colors. This is because many businesses include 2-3 colors in their logos for highlighting different branding aspects.

If you’re still wondering how to select your logo colors, below is an image showing some of the most common logo colors of the top 100 known brands.


#5 Ensure a Timeless Logo Design

We all know that you can’t create a business logo daily as it requires time, money, and effort. Apart from this, altering the logo again and again might leave your audience confused, thus hurting your brand image.

For this reason, while getting a logo designed, it is important to ensure that its design should be timeless and adaptable. Besides this, past studies have revealed that some of the best logo designs are the ones that have a long life expectancy.

#6 Make Sure Your Logo Design is Professional

Once you have considered the above-mentioned logo design elements, the next step is to hire a professional yet affordable logo design company, like the logo design valley, that can create a memorable and classy logo design for your business.

All in all, it is important to communicate your requirements effectively to the designer to avoid any confusion or rework. Unsure which factors to consider while hiring a professional logo design company? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Go through the designer’s portfolio thoroughly, and request them to share their samples with you for an idea.
  • Communicate your logo design requirements specifically.
  • Give details regarding your brand values and target audience for a relatable logo design.
  • Mutually decide on a realistic budget and project timeline.

The Bottom Line

The final take away is that you should have an effective logo that reveals your brand identity successfully.

In the highly dynamic and competitive markets of today, only a unique and memorable logo design can set your brand apart by catching your prospects’ attention. And once your customers become loyal to your brand and logo, they will ultimately pick your products while shopping, thereby making your sales grow by several folds.

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