6 Greatest American Reality TV Shows of All Times

by KEN

An average American spends four and a half hours watching TV. People have a special place for TV in their hearts all across the world. Especially when it comes to staying updated about the news, killing time, binge-watching TV shows, sports, and you name it – it depends on the person’s taste but we all have our favorite talk shows, TV shows, sports, and TV is the first place where we head towards.

We all admire stories, especially when it comes to rags-to-riches, struggles, success from failure stories, following someone chasing their goals, weight loss journey and whatnot. With the arrival of social media, people who follow reality TV shows, it has become even more convenient for them to constantly peep into those contestant’s lives where they comment, like, share and completely delve into their favorite reality shows.

Human beings are naturally curious and unintentionally take interest in other’s lives and businesses – that’s the main ingredient these reality shows are selling along with a heavy dose of entertainment. Reality TV shows are the reason people are watching cable TV and signing up for top-notch providers including spectrum TV, Cox, Xfinity, etc. These days, entertainment is the prime source of living for most of us and these shows pretty much serve this purpose. In case you’re unable to find any of your favorite shows you may simply contact the customer support department of your respective provider, for example, if you call spectrum customer service they’ll guide you through each and everything you need to know. On top of these factors, it brings along thrilling competitions, intimate human drama, stunts, romance, remote location, and bold twist making these shows sway the market. People get involved in the twist and turns, they wait, search and vote in their favor and against the contestants.

Here in the list of most popular all-time Reality TV shows:

1. America’s Next Top Model

Most of us would love to be a model, not necessarily on a billboard but at least for some Instagram pictures. America’s Next Top Model is the reality show that deals with aspiring models. It is although a never-ending saga but we are not mad about it. ANTM brings ambitious models on their platform who contest for the title of America’s Next Top Model, followed by an esteemed modeling contract after winning it, with the over-all endorsement of Tyra Banks. Regardless of the seriousness of the fashion world, it comes with a fair share of drama. The show has anyway made and gave this world some stars, i.e. Analeigh Tipton and Yaya DaCosta. Nonetheless, these are not really top models.

2. Made (MTV)

MTV – primarily known as a music channel, always playing music videos. Somewhere between everything business, they started a show called “Made”. It was a sixty-minute long docu-series which exhibited some fortunate kids who were given the opportunity to legitimately pursuit their big dreams through professional help: “Made coaches.” At times, Made was awkward and comical; and sometimes, it was utterly emotional, to be precise whenever the relationship experts guided and assisted the insecure teens getting back their confidence and became “boyfriend or girlfriend material.” In such scenarios, Made was the definitive in castoff wish fulfillment, an amusing however frequently stimulating choice for MTV’s high-school-aged audiences.

3. The Real Housewives (Bravo)

The reality TV show Real Housewives began in 2006, it came as a descendant of Desperate Housewives. Bravo noticed the victory of ABC’s smashing drama then perceived that it is the need of the hour to have a realistic equivalent to those characters. The series lengthened geologically and ended up blowing up; beginning from The Real Housewives of Orange County, adding seven more locations by the time: New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, D.C., Beverly Hills, Miami where they have a fair quantity of regional poison to choose from. The series floods with senseless and crazy drama, and The Real Housewives’ capability to set that absurdity in various other ways but just in entertaining ways, that is what makes the show one of the most-watched shows of all times.

4. Flavor of Love (VH1)

Flavor of Love, yet another hyped but totally worth watching a reality TV show, was about the Bachelor on steroids, complete with giant clock necklaces galore. The show revolves around rapper Flavor Flav from Public Enemy then his pursuit to discover real love, or whatsoever that may look like a reality TV show. Flav, who, by default, is a larger than life character – for real, thus the type of ladies inclined towards him must be capable enough to keep up with him. Each one named by Flav personally, the ladies bore reminiscences into viewers’ brains they would always think of. The most notable, however, was the Finalist New York otherwise known as Tiffany Pollard whose facial expressions gave us adequate meme material to live by this lifespan.

5. Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!)

You can love them or you can hate them, but you cannot ignore Kardashians. The Kardashians left an indisputable effect on the pop culture we have today. By the time the show premiered, back in 2007, Kim Kardashian was just known as a good-looking woman who had a sex tape with Ray J. Today, she is an everyday name, someone who is married to the enormously successful man in the business, Kanye West. The Kardashian craze has stimulated countless deride, nonetheless their success is absolutely to die for. The show is packed with drama for days and money that is not even presumable.

6. The Real World (MTV)

The Real World may perhaps not be the very first reality TV show, however, it is surely the one that shaped the genre in a proper sensation. Produced by visionaries Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray, who not just popularize the genre on the show, but the first 10 seasons were an authentic summary of how real young people acted and performed on camera. The final product was raw, astounding, and then absolutely captivating. However, the later seasons decked into the similar tropes which we see in typical reality TV today, the first couple of seasons made a long-lasting impact on our minds.

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