6 Latest Smart Gadgets That Are Worth the Money Spent

by KEN
Latest Smart Gadgets

There are innumerable gadgets and gizmos on the market lately. Are you unsure which nifty devices to buy, that you’ll actually use? Don’t want anyone to sell or forward a gift you give them? Well then, check out these options that are sure to live up to the hype.


Google Nest Mini is a smart speaker for your smart home. With a wall mounting notch underneath to help you smartly place it on the wall. Google has improved quality on the Nest mini, giving it more oomph in the base output. A special feature utilizes microphone and speaker to determine your proximity with the device, hence triggering LED lights to indicate otherwise hidden, volume control buttons.

The main distinctive feature of the Google Nest mini is the machine learning chip inside its speaker. According to Google, this chip can remember and learn the command you give on a daily basis and it will began to process those commands not just on the Google servers but locally as well. The smart machine-learning chip also enables the device to remember certain audio commands even if the internet goes out.

Google Nest Mini is one of the best and hottest devices this year for your smart home.


A smart home without Wi-Fi is akin to a body without a brain. What good is a smart home if there isn’t an active Wi-Fi device providing strong signals all over the place? Nest WiFi is a wireless signal booster which is also compatible with Spectrum internet. When installed, it will provide you with uninterrupted strong signals to keep all of your smart devices going throughout the day.

Available at a price of $269 at Best Buy and $265 at Amazon, Nest Wi-Fi is just the upgrade you need. You know what else, you need? An internet connection that would complement this mesh router. Spectrum is your next smart choice, with its incredible and pocket friendly internet packages, your devices will never lag.

Nest WiFi is best for Google smart homes, so Alexa users might find it a little challenging to adjust to a new setup or might want to stick to Eero or Netgear Orbi.


Ecobee SmartThermostat is a smart thermostat that is connected to WiFi and lets you adjust the home heating and air conditioning system either by your voice or through the app. Ecobee SmartThermostat stands out from its competitors because it comes with a remote sensor inside the box. If you want to adjust the temperature of the present room according to the temperature of another room just move the sensor to another room and let it adjust accordingly.

Ecobee SmartThermostat is great if you want to make sure a specific room or office is the main area of attention for the smart thermostat. It supports Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri and is an Amazon Eco Speaker in itself. The music output quality perhaps won’t be at par with other Eco Speakers but as far is extending Alexa’s commands, it does an admirable job.


Technology has its good and bad sides, both. Having smart locks does seem like a risky idea, since anyone can hack and open the lock. Compared to physical security, smart locks seem like a less reliable option because of potential technical and connectivity threats. This is what makes the “August Smart Lock Pro Plus Connect Bundle “a very special smart lock invention. August is unique because instead of offering no-key design, it fits over the internal thumb latch and the installation is a piece of cake. Since it does not replace the physical lock itself, you can still use your physical key to operate the lock, but also August Smart Lock connects to your phone and can be operated through Bluetooth hence “smart”. It enables you to use virtual keys and you can even use timed virtual keys options for anyone you like. In a lot of other smart locks, it costs you to use virtual keys, but with August it’s absolutely free.

August Smart Lock is a complete package. The accessory included bridges the lockout to the internet, you can easily get it on your wireless network and connect it to Alexa, Google Assistant or even Siri. This way you can practically control it from anywhere you like. Another accessory includes a tiny sensor which tells you if the door itself is open or closed, or if it’s locked or unlocked. So far the perfect smart lock available in the market.


Are you a content creator that’s always hungry for creativity in everything thing you do? Even the gadgets you own? Then you have to add Obsbot Tai in your shopping cart. It is world’s first auto directed AI video camera. The struggle of recording a solo video is real, but now you can keep that worry at bay because Obsbot Tail will be your cinematographer. It can easily capture a 4K video for you, you can choose to give commands with gestures or the app and be able to customize your shooting preferences or style.

Obsbot Tail is a very fancy innovation but if making content/ videos is your thing, then go for it! It will money completely worth spend.


The smart plug is available on Amazon within $10 range. It enables you to control your electronic devices remotely with the use of an app. All you need is a 2.4G network and your smart plug is good to go. With smart plug, you can get paired to Alexa and Google assistance and with voice commands you can control your smart home- turn devices on/off, control your appliances and your whole smart home just by using your voice.

With smart plus, you can schedule the charging of your devices. If you are out and you want to come home to a heated meal? You can control and set temperature of the microwave and your food is all heated up and ready to eat when you come home.

Now you don’t even have to worry about turning off the charging of gadgets or leaving the fan on/off. With the app and smart plug you can control everything with your phone, it can help cut –down your electricity bill because no units are wasted.

The smart plug is compatible with Android 4.4 & iOS 8 and higher, but it does not work with SmartThing, Homekit, Bluetooth. It only supports 2.4GHz network, not higher. That is the only drawback of this amazing invention.

Happy Shopping

 This list is by no means exhaustive, but these are some of the most practical and easy-to-use gadgets that give you great bang for your buck. Favorite this page to help you with your holiday shopping list or go grab a good deal for your own home.

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