6 Logo Design Tools to Create Your Own Logo

by KEN

A solid logo is one of the most important trademarks of any brand. People expect to see logos on everything that is associated with the brand: custom-made merchandise, profile pictures on social media, and other places.

Creating a good logo requires experience and patience. It is no secret that not everyone has the skills to develop something like that themselves. Moreover, finding a reliable graphic designer that sticks to the deadline and is charging reasonable fees is also not something easy.

Thankfully, there are quite a few good options for logo designing tools. Using them is relatively simple, and it will not take too long before you have a decent logo for the brand. What you create in this instance can function as a placeholder until you get a bigger budget and hire a professional graphic designer.

But until that happens, using tools on the internet sounds like the best option. Here are some suggestions to choose from. Go with one that you believe fits your needs the most, or try multiple tools and determine which is the best of the lot.

Suggestion #1 – Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is the first on the list. The services are some of the best you will find thanks to its simplicity. Sometimes, it is much better not to complicate everything and go with the easy option.

The process goes like this: you enter the name of your business, choose the type of the logo you want, select what fonts you prefer, design and customize, if you are happy with the result, you can pay for the services and get a high-quality logo.

Moreover, you will find plenty of examples of previous logos on the website.

Price: Free for low res logo

Suggestion #2 – DesignIconic

DesignIconic also happens to be one of the best when it comes to creating a logo as both an amateur or someone who already has some experience.

Again, you have an option to try the services for free and work until you are satisfied with the result. Prices are competitive and afford the logo should not be an issue. Complete ownership is another perk that you can expect to receive by sticking with DesignIconic.

Start with picking your industry and follow the instructions until you get to the design page. Once there, you can start designing and trying out all the tools at your disposal until you feel like the logo is ready.

Price: Starts at $5

Suggestion #3 – LogoVerge

LogoVerge allows you to create a logo for as little as five dollars. The deal sounds great, especially when you consider how much one has to pay to a professional graphic designer.

There are no limits to how many logos you can design and download. It might be a perfect opportunity to make some money once you become better at designing logos, even if they are created using such tools on the internet.

The process starts with entering the name of the company. You then move to pick the industry, clicking on the design you like from all the available templates, and once you are done, download it. Four simple steps.

Price: Starts at $5

Suggestion #4 – Logoshi

Logoshi is currently offering discounts to new customers. The process is no different from what you would expect. Though it is worth pointing out that when you are on the website, seeing the initial first step makes one think about how the whole thing seems even simpler than usual.

There are multiple examples on the website available as well, giving you the general idea of what you can expect to make. And looking at the reviews, it seems like quite a few brands, as well as individual people, were happy with the services they got.

Suggestion #5 – Logoai

Just like the name of the services suggests, there is artificial intelligence involved. The process is automated, and you do not have to worry too much when designing a logo using Logoai services.

One other thing to note is that you will find that there are other available services besides designing the logo. You can create business cards, posters, flyers, and social media content, such as Facebook covers or Twitter headers.

Price: $25 for Basic Package

Suggestion #6 – Designs

The logo creator on the Designs’ website seems like a solid option overall. You can even change the language of the website to something other than English if that is what you prefer.

Now for the designing process itself, it is pretty straightforward, and you should be over in a matter of seconds even. Of course, there is always room for revisions and improvements, but the basic concept is quick.

High resolutions, multiple formats, dimensions. Even merchandise mockups that will show how the logo would look on print on demand. And the logos are ready for print right after you finish designing one.

Price: $19 for the Basic Package

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