6 of the richest YouΤubers in the world

YouTube is a very competitive platform. With almost 30 million daily active users, it is easy to understand why more and more creators upload their work on YouTube. However, if you manage to create a successful channel that gets the most likes on YouTube, you can earn a significant amount of money. In this list, we present you with the richest YouTubers that have active channels in 2020. Hopefully, you will get inspiration from their work to create an awesome channel yourself.

#1 Ryan’s World

Subscribers: 25.2 million

Earnings: $26 million

Ryan Kaji is the richest YouTuber in the world, with earnings that reach $26 million. However, the most impressive thing about him is that he is only 8 years old. Ryan Kaji started at the age of 3 creating unboxing videos for toys. At the moment, he does toy reviews, science experiments, and many fun projects.

To top his success, Ryan Kaji has collaborated with companies and he now has a book series, toys, and clothing. Moreover, he now has a show on Nickelodeon, and a deal with Hulu.

#2 Dude Perfect

Subscribers: 51.3 million

Earnings: $20 million

Dude Perfect is a YouTube with over 51 million subscribers. It’s not owned by one guy, but by five high school friends, who are now in their 30s. Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Garret Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney, have the perfect chemistry. Their videos mainly focus on sports, while they are famous for trying to break many World Guinness Records. Every video they upload is among the ones with the most likes on YouTube. This success helped them get a show on Nickelodeon, called “The Dude Perfect Show”.

#3 Like Nastya

Subscribers: 55.5 million

Earnings: $18 million

Another one of the richest YouTubers is a kid. Anastasia Radzinskaya, better known as Nastya, is a 5 year old girl from Russia. Her videos focus around her life, like birthday parties, day trips, Halloween costumes, etc. Anastasia owns six channels: Like Nastya, Like Nastya Vlog, Like Nastya ESP, Like Nastya AE, Like Nastya Show, and Like Nastya PRT. Moreover, Anastasia has secured sponsorships from Legoland and Dannon.

#4 DanTDM

Subscribers: 23.1 million

Earnings: $16.5 million

DanTDM is a gaming YouTube channel run by Daniel Middleton, a 28 year old British guy. Daniel Middleton is an actor, voice actor, pro gamer, and author. His channel became extremely popular with his Minecraft gameplay videos, which became among the ones with the most likes on YouTube. Apart from his channel, he voices EBOY in the animated movie “Ralph Breaks the Internet” and also has a clothing line.

#5 Jeffree Star

Subscribers: 18.2 million

Earnings: $17 million

Jeffree Star is the richest beauty YouTuber and his channel is one of the most successful ones. He started as a musician on MySpace, but in 2006 he decided to move to YouTube and create own makeup tutorials. His content now features tutorials, brand reviews, and even some challenges. Apart from YouTube, Jeffree Star owns a makeup line, called Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

#6 PewDiePie

Subscribers: 105 million

Earnings: $15.5 million

PewDiePie is the second most subscribed channel in the world today. Its owner Felix Kjellberg is naturally one of the richest YouTubers. Except from his videos, Felix Kjellberg has numorous sponsorships, as well as a New York Times bestseller book, titled “This Book Loves You”.

These are some of the most richest and influential YouTubers at this moment. Research their content and get inspired to create your own videos with the most likes on YouTube.

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