7 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android to Store Important Data

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best cloud storage apps

Many people consider “app usage” as a leisure activity. However, when you think about it, you will realize that apps come in handy in every task of life. Whether it be waking up in the morning, talking to your friends, booking a ride, or getting your work-life sorted, there is an app out there for everything.

It might explain why app development has fared so well, for the past few years. According to Statista, in 2019 alone, 204 billion apps were downloaded. Furthermore, the sector is expected to generate 189 billion dollars in revenue in 2020.

cloud storage apps for Android

The importance of Cloud Services in Today’s life

As we increasingly rely on the internet for our day-to-day tasks, there is a large amount of data that is needed to be stored somewhere. Thanks to the cloud storage apps, we have a solution for it. As per Leftronic, 90 percent of organizations use some type of cloud service.

The cloud storage solutions allow masses to access data, regardless of where they are. Now that we have cloud storage apps, this remote data access has become more convenient, both for individuals and for organizations.

Cloud storage services have massively improved over the years. Not only in terms of storage, but also in terms of access and security. They have made remote access to data very easy.

In recent times, spam has become the biggest concern of the users, and apps have tried to ensure spam-free user experience. One example is AirG spam-free apps that allow users a perfect experience without the worry of being spammed.

Similarly, cloud services provide a spam-free experience to users so that they can easily store their data and access them at the time of need. There are cloud storage apps for both android and iOS users. Here are seven of the best cloud storage apps to store data:

1. Google Drive

When you think of cloud storage, the chances are that the first service that comes to your mind is Google Drive. Google has surely managed to create a strong impression on users with all its services. It includes Google Drive too.

Google Drive works on both iOS and Android systems. The best thing about the Drive is that it features an extensive storage capacity of 15GB and that too in a free version.

If you use Google products, you will find the excellent integration of spreadsheets, Google Documents, Google Calendar, and Gmail, etc. it makes the use of Google Drive more convenient.

Google Drive can also be used to backup photos that you can either download or view later. But, for the sake of using the space wisely, it is better to use Google Photos, another photo storage app of Google, for this purpose.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service that works on both desktop and smartphones. Its Android version allows users to store a wide variety of items. It includes videos, documents, pictures, etc.

One great thing about Dropbox that has made it popular among organizations is that it allows for remote access to your files. In other words, you don’t need an active internet connection to view your file.

Moreover, Dropbox also lets you share your documents and folders with other people. It allows people to work in teams. Rather than sending excel files for your team members to edit, you can all work on the same file on the go.

While the storage of up to 2 GB is free of cost, for more capacity, users must pay a monthly subscription fee. It is best suited for organizations.

3. Amazon Drive

Remember the old days when Amazon was merely an e-commerce platform? Well, not anymore. Now, Amazon has expanded its wings and entered various other industries as well.

If you are already a subscriber of Amazon Prime, you might also want to use the Amazon Drive services. Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that allows customers to access items that are otherwise unavailable to Amazon users.

Amazon Drive offers 5 GB of free storage as well as unlimited video and photo backup ability to Amazon Prime users. Once you used the free space, you can choose to get a paid version with unlimited storage.

4. Mega

Haven’t heard of Mega? Well, you are not alone. Compared to other options, this one is relatively new. It was set up in 2013 by an Auckland-based company called the “Mega Limited.”

Mega offers its cloud storing and file sharing service to Windows, Android, and iOS users. A unique selling proposition of this app is that it lets you store a whopping 50 GB worth of data, for free! It is generally unheard of in the cloud storage sector.

Another great thing about the app is its extremely easy user interface. To upload files and pictures, all you need to do is drag and drop the relevant files in the app. You can choose to download and share your documents at your will

For those of you who need storage capacity more than 50 GB, the platform has different packages for 200GB and 4TB. Both packages are considerably cheaper than the rates offered by other apps.

5. OneDrive

Businesses tend to use OneDrive as a cloud storage solution. It is because Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Documents are frequently used by organizations everywhere in the world.

OneDrive, by Microsoft, doesn’t just offer a large storage capacity and a secure platform, but it also comes with Windows 10. So, on a desktop, you don’t need to download it. You can use its Android app for remote access to your documents.

It is a great place to share, save, and access PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents. It also backs up your photos for you. This service is equipped with an automatic tagging feature that allows for easy sorting of pictures.

6. Box

This cloud storage app is also available on both iOS and Android. It is equipped with 10GB of free storage. For more space, a paid version is available.

The Box is lauded for its data security factures. It also comes with a note-taking feature, which makes sure that your notes are available to you at all times.

Just like Dropbox, Box offers offline access to files and folders as well. It means that just because you don’t have an active internet connection doesn’t mean you can’t access your files.

7. IDrive

IDrive offers 5GB of free storage and up to 1TB of paid storage. The price of its paid storage varies. For the first year of use, the service is available for a discounted price, which increases moving forward.

Why have we included IDrive on the list? Well, the cloud storage app offers backing up of various types of data and not just files and photos. At IDrive, you can backup and store contacts, calendars, Facebook, and Instagram data as well as health data using the platform.

The platform features an automatic updating system, which means your data is backed up without you having to choose your files manually. It allows for effective backing up of important data, despite your busy schedule. You can install this app even if it’s not available in your region.


You can choose any of these cloud storage apps to store important data and access it when and where you like. Depending on which services you use, some of these solutions might be more aligned to your needs than others.

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