7 Ways in Which The Computer Has Changed Our Lives

by KEN
Computer Has Changed Our Lives

Computers have contributed a lot in making our lives easier, effective, and worth it. If we were to think of our daily happenings without the use of technology and computers, it would probably feel like a nightmare. There are numerous ways in which computers have affected us in our everyday lives. Back in the old days, we used to visit the railway stations to book tickets, different cities to take classes, and various other activities that can now be done on a computer while sitting at home.

In brief, we have come a long way with computers and in this article, we will be discussing how computers have changed our lives.

1. Better Learning Opportunities

Online learning and the digital education sector are doing surprisingly well in this era of the internet. Information is available to everyone and can be accessed for free irrespective of the geographical location of the recipient.

Web platforms such as Google classroom have been developed so that teachers and students could get a common platform for sharing assignments, information, and hosting online classes. Several institutions have now accepted the digital trend and are shifting towards online education.

Moreover, there learning a new activity on a computer is also easy, for instance, if you are keen to learn poker you can search for guides, PDFs, and course material related to it. Well, that is all for theoretical knowledge to enhance your skills you can even play poker against computer which has been made possible because of the artificial intelligence that is capable of winning against the best poker players in the world too.

The game of poker requires a lot of practice and it is not convenient to visit a casino or some training center regularly to sharpen your skills. Therefore, the online poker training sites are a privilege for the beginners as they can learn new tactics and practice at the comfort of their home. –

2. Automation

Automation or labor-saving processes aim at converting jobs into automatic tasks that can be handled by a computer. Now that machine learning and artificial intelligence are on the list of growing trends, automation has been left intact and still occupies a place on the list. This is because it has affected our lives more than we realize.

From manufacturing materialistic products to analyzing information, automation is everywhere. A few decades back, millions of phone calls were attended manually by humans, and now, the same task is handled by automatic switching systems.

Many experts often debate about automation having a negative impact on the employment sector. But, if we start looking at the brighter side, the employees who were affected by automation practices can now be trained to learn advanced level skills and aim for a high-post job.

3. Digitalization of Everything

Computers turned out as a life-saver for almost everyone. With the internet acting as an integral part of the game, it is only because of computers that we are able to digitalize our daily tasks. From buying groceries to paying for a house, everything can be processed online with the help of the internet.

Online transactions, multiple payment methods, and digital currencies have made our lives easier by providing us a way for carrying out daily tasks digitally. Education, communication, and entertainment have now become much more common due to the efficiency and effective medium of delivery.

4. Increased Job Opportunities

No doubt that the technology industry is one of the most competitive job sectors nowadays. This is because computers gave birth to better job opportunities for people, resulting in heavy competition. Consultancy services, development, automation, maintenance, and testing are some of the primary sectors of employment, only possible because of the increased use of computers.

5. Helps Solve Global Challenges

Our world is prone to a number of global challenges that need to be overcome by humans. Sectors such as agriculture, public safety, healthcare, employment, education, etc are now seeing better days only because of the growing usage of computers. Free access to information and effective communication have contributed a lot in solving numerous global challenges.

Projects related to sustainable development and smart City aim at providing a suitable living environment for humans as well as other living organisms that share this planet with us. All this is made possible by technology and computers.

6. Acts as a Resource Saver

Digitalization has helped humans in saving environmental resources such as trees and plants. Everything can now be recorded digitally on a computer, thus in turn, revolutionizing the way corporate and individuals used to work. Talking about environmental purification, many technical works have been published that help in removing toxic waste from our surroundings.

For example, Plastic Adrift, a project by oceanographer named Erik van Sebille, can track the flow of plastic waste materials and identify the source. Only a percent of the plastic waste is visible to us in the ocean, the other 99% is buried deep in the water. Computers powered with technology might help in making the Earth a better place for all of us one day.

7. Provides Better Communication

Communication is the key to all relationships as well as success. In this golden age of data and information, there is an utmost need for communication and Intel exchange. Computers not only provided an amazing medium to communicate but also help in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of information outreach.

Emails, messages, calls, and data transmission have had an uncompromising impact on all of our lives. From small messages that we send to our friends, to the large information we transmit to outer space, is only doable because of the digital communication platform that’s been made possible by computers.

Final Words

So, that was our take on the 7 ways how computers changed our lives. Computers and technology have added a lot to our lives in a way we couldn’t even imagine. From providing better job opportunities to better communication channels, computers have contributed a lot to every sector imaginable. They are also of prime importance in helping solve global challenges.

Automation has provided ways to free laborers from their manual hard-working jobs and has placed them in a better position. There is no doubt that without a computer, our lives would not be the same as they are now.

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