7 YouTube Video Editing Tips

by KEN

YouTube is a great platform to market yourself on. It has over 2 billion monthly active users who watch 5 billion videos every single day. You can get a lot of views here. But you won’t automatically get views after uploading any video. There is a lot of competition on the network. Your video will only get more attention and positive feedback if it looks its best and stands out with top quality content.

Therefore, to help you create a video that attracts views, engagement, subscribers, and sales, I have shared some top YouTube video editing videos below…

Keep them short:

Most people assume that networks like Instagram are for short videos and YouTube is better for longer videos. Sure, videos that are longer than those on Instagram do well on YouTube, but not as long as you think. The best video length is 2 minutes on YouTube. So, be ready to chop down your videos to this length. There’s no need to create videos that are 20 minutes+ long.

Use a good editor:

The quality of your YouTube video isn’t always up to your editing skills and your video recorder. Your editor quality matters too. If you use a good editor your video will look better. While if you use a bad one the quality will suffer. Using a good editor will also make it easy to add special effects. This is why make sure you pick a good video editor for YouTube before you start.

Optimize with captions:

Most people watch videos in mute. Also, there will be several people for whom English (or the language they are watching it in) will not be their first language. This is why you should optimize your video for their viewing too by adding clear captions. This will make it easy for people to follow through even while watching in mute.

Optimize for mobile:

A lot of people will also watch your videos on their mobile devices. So, you should make sure your videos don’t just look good on the desktop/PC, but also on the mobile. By this I mean the quality needs to be good and elements like captions and the other overlays you use should be easily visible.

Keep this in mind while editing the video. And before you upload the video, test it on your smartphone, ipad, etc. to make sure it plays and looks good.

Create images for videos:

YouTube isn’t just about the video. There are other elements such as the thumbnail, watermark, and end card that play a vital role too. The thumbnail can help you generate more views, the watermark can help convert views to subscribers and the end card can not just help you get more subscribers, but can also help with generating views and traffic.

So, make sure you create them on a separate photo editor and then add them to your video. Things like the end card should be added with the video editor, while the other elements can be added with YouTube studio.

Pay attention to insights:

Your video insights such as view count, audience retention, watch time, rewatches, etc. can help determine how good or bad your videos are doing. Therefore, pay close attention. They will show you what videos to create next, how to edit them, who you are creating them for, etc. If you use it right, you will create better videos in the future and generate more views, traffic, and sales from your YouTube videos.

Drive attention to call to actions:

Calls to actions are an important part of YouTube videos. If your aim is to get more views and subscribers you will need to use calls to actions that get people to check out your other videos and playlists or click on the subscribe button. While if your aim is to drive traffic or sales, you will need to get them to click on links that take them to a landing page where they can buy products.

Again, make use of the watermark and end card for this. Another great place for promoting your call to action is the description.


These are the top YouTube video editing tips you must know. Use them to create videos that help you reach your goals.

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