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YouTube Downloaders

We all love YouTube videos. They just make our day. Whether it is sad songs, funny videos, or movie trailers, we can easily watch all of these on YouTube. But sometimes we just want to download some videos on our mobile. And, YouTube doesn’t offer any functionality to get this done.

As a result, people have to download YouTube videos either through youtube downloading websites or through screen recorders.

What if there was a better and a lot easier way to download YouTube videos? That is where the YouTube video downloader applications come in.

In this list, we will discuss some of the best YouTube video downloading apps available on Google Play. You can download these apps with a single click on your smartphone and use them to download as many videos as you want for offline viewing. Let’s start.

1. YouTube Go

YouTube Go allows you to mark videos to watch in offline mode. These videos are automatically downloaded on your smartphone when it is connected to the internet. All videos can only run on the Youtube Go application. You cannot copy them to another app because of copy restrictions.

However, YouTube Go is a perfect companion for people who would like to download videos on their smartphones for viewing when the internet connection is not available. YouTube Go is available on Google Play and can run on all versions of Android.

2. KeepVid

KeepVid is the second most used YouTube video downloader. It copies the whole video through YouTube URL, creates a downloadable version of it so that you can download it on PC, Smartphone, or any other app. KeepVid offers a website from where you can easily download YouTube videos.

However, if you want to download Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter videos to your smartphone, then that is also possible with the KeepVid mobile app. The app is available on Google Play, and you can also download it from the KeepVid official website. Just install the app, add the URL of your desired YouTube video, and click download. It can download videos in 360, 480, and even HD versions.

3. Vidmate

The Vidmate app is a video player for watching all video formats on your smartphone without downloading multiple players. It is fast, easy to use, and also offers online video streaming functionality. The biggest feature of Vidmate is that it can download videos from Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube.

Vidmate is a popular video playing app, and you can select each YouTube video directly from the Vidmate search bar. When you like a video, just click on the ‘Download’ button to download that app on your smartphone.

4. YT3 YouTube Downloader

YT3 became popular when YouTube was banned in most countries between 2014 and 2016. After YouTube got blocked, many people started searching for alternatives that they could use to download YouTube videos on their smartphones. That’s when the YT3 video downloading app came into play.

Today, it is still a relevant mobile app with download functionality for YouTube, Facebook, and other social media websites. YT3 is also pretty easy to use, just like the other apps on our list. You simply use the search bar of the YT3 website, and it will automatically download all videos on your Android folder.

5. YMusic

YMusic became popular because of just one need: People wanted to play YouTube videos in the background. The app allows them to play the video while chatting with friends on WhatsApp or while browsing Facebook or other social media websites. In simple terms, YMusic makes YouTube an online music repository that can run in the background.

However, if you are in love with a song available on YouTube and would like to download it on your smartphone, then that is also possible with YMusic mobile app. The app can download YouTube videos in both SD and HD quality. It also offers other functionalities like a sleep timer, a change in video speed, and a list of videos trending on YouTube right within the app.

6. Newspipe

Newspipe is another great mobile app for fetching content. It isn’t just a video downloader for YouTube, instead, it has many more functionalities such as blog URL saving for later viewing, downloading videos from streaming websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. However, Newspipe can download all YouTube videos on user’s smartphones without any worry. It is super easy to use, comes with a built-in site grabber, and reading mode.

It can also send videos directly to Kodi mobile app for streaming on the bigger screen.

7. Ins Tube

Whether you want to download videos from YouTube or any other social media website, Ins Tube app can help you with that. It has built-in functionality for downloading videos from Dailymotion, Vimeo, SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and many other video websites.

If you are just looking for a simple downloader app that can easily download all types of videos from all social media platforms, then you just need the Ins Tube mobile app.

8. SnapTube

Similar to Ins Tube, the SnapTube mobile app also offers the same functionality of downloading videos on your smartphone from multiple social media channels. It is a perfect app for all those who are looking for a simple app to download watchable content from YouTube because it offers a one-click download.

Unlike other apps where you have to add the URL and download the video, SnapTube does it all from within the app. No need to browse any website just to get link, get SnapTube, and it will do it all for you without a problem.

SnapTube supports all the top video platforms, social media channels, and streaming websites. Since it is in active development, you can always request ideas through the ‘Review’ section on the Google Play app store.

Which YouTube Video Downloader is Best for me?

If you are just looking for a video downloader that can save the video downloader on your smartphone, then all mobile apps on our list can do that. However, if you are exclusively looking for a YouTube video player that works offline, then YouTube Go will be the right choice for you. It can easily download all the content so that you can watch it later.

Are these YouTube downloaders safe?

You may wonder if the video players on our list are safe. Yes, they are. All these apps are available on Google play. Google Play checks each app for malicious code before it can be added to the store. So, if you are worried about getting hacked through these apps, don’t be, as that has already been taken care of.


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