9 Fashion Hacks for You to Dress Like a Celebrity

We all know that celebrities have a charismatic style and an immaculate dressing sense, which we all can’t help but gaze in wonder. Whenever we see a celeb rocking a trendy outfit, we wish we could also recreate the same look.

All these stars who are in the public eye have several stylists at their service. The paparazzi also plays a great role in making sure not even a casual look of any actor, singer, or sportsman goes unnoticed.

Be it the simple, suave demeanor of George Clooney, or the classic contemporary style of Chris Hemsworth; we get inspired by their taste in fashion. Men always try to replicate these hunks to look attractive.

A study by three researchers from North East London Polytechnic revealed some interesting findings.

The researchers went to people an asked for their help for a survey. The researchers were once dressed neatly, and the other time, they were wearing untidy clothes.

According to the findings, older men in the respondent’s group agreed 23% more to the well-dressed man, while older women agreed 73%. Younger women agreed 98% more to the well-dressed man.

Hence, a proper first impression wins by leaps and bounds. So, I am about to tell you a few hacks in this blog, which you can use to dress like all the famous stars that you marvel at. So let’s begin:

1. Wear bespoke clothing

One epic celebrity style secret is that they wear clothes that are tailored exclusively for them. Have you ever noticed how just a plain collared tshirt designs with jeans makes them look dapper?

It is because they prefer to wear clothes that fit their well-proportioned bodies. Not only they fit well; these outfits never fail to enhance their maintained physique.

They work very hard to build muscles, and designers leave no stone unturned to accentuate those features via well-fitting clothing.

So, either buy outfits that fit you correctly or get them tailored as they will instantly make you look attractive.

2. Opt for outer layer with a light luster

Ever noticed how famous personalities always make an appearance wearing a jacket, hoodie, extra shirt, and other types of chic outer layers? The layering has a mild sheen finish, which makes them dazzle in front of the camera.

This hack is usually the reason behind their radiant appearance. Leather jackets also aid the stars to look even more stylish as they personify ultimate panache.

So, men, get yourself a suave looking jacket that will help you pull off any outfit with elegance. When it comes to leather jackets for men, there are so many options – bomber, biker, suede, faux, vintage, belted; the list doesn’t end.

These jackets go well with all kinds of outfits, be it casual, formal or party wear. So, having a stylish leather jacket in your wardrobe will take you one step closer to imitating the style of your favorite star.

3. Wear colors that suit your skin tone

Getting to know your skin tone is essential. That’s what celebrity stylists do. You either have a cool (yellowish or brownish undertone), warm (pink, bluish), or a neutral (greyish) skin tone.

If you fall into the warmer side of the spectrum, opt for cream, olive, red, or peach colors. But if you have a cool skin tone, you can buy outfits with a shade of blue or grey.

On the other hand, if your skin tone is neutral, you should wear more white, navy blue, or even grey.

4. Go monochrome

Recall those red carpet looks of the famous actors where you mostly saw them wearing a single colored outfit? That’s the secret behind that sophisticated demeanor, which is required in a global award show.

An all-black suit or a voguish grey suit makes them look elegant, and you could get the same look by stealing this style tip.

5. Always go for classic designs when it comes to a suit

I can’t stress this enough! Avoid experimenting too much with a suit. It looks the best in its classic contemporary form, and incorporating tacky elements in it won’t raise your style quotient.

A classic, dark-colored suit, tailored for your size is the best outfit you can wear to look like those dashing hunks. Pull off the look with a tie, a matching pocket square, business shoes, and a nice dress watch.

6. Avoid outdated trends

Very early in your dressing-well journey, you need to purge your wardrobe of the out-of-style clothing, footwear, and accessories. They are going to be very harmful to your style reputation, so better get rid of them.

I will make the decluttering easy for you by pointing out a few unnecessary items:

  • Very tight jeans that make you look less masculine
  • Baggy shirts and trousers
  • Cargo pants
  • Clothes with huge logos
  • Ankle socks
  • Square toe shoes
  • Crocs

None of the above is in fashion anymore, so why not reclaim your wardrobe space by throwing them out?

7. Channel your personal attitude

One attribute of celebrities is an “effortless style.” They carry-off the simplest clothing like they are walking on the ramp. Even if they are photographed vacationing on a beach wearing the Bermudas and a tank top, they look so classy. How are they able to do this? Definitely with their specific style.

You, too, can nail an admirable look by working on your personality and confidence. No, I am asking you to imitate these stars. However, learning their attitude and trying to come up with your style will set you apart.

To look like one of those popular faces that rule millions of hearts, you must remember the mantra. Whatever you wear, wear it with poise.

8. Select shoes that stand out

Shoes are integral to complete the whole look of an outfit. You have to keep a few aspects in mind while buying yourself footwear. It should be comfortable, trendy, go well with your clothes, and assist in your overall appearance.

Brown leather shoes are a must-have to wear along with your formal clothing. Get yourself a nice pair of loafers that can go with your semi-formal looks.

Also, buy sneakers to have a casual look. You can also buy elevator shoes as they give you an additional benefit of making you appear taller.

Don’t forget to keep a cool pair of flip flops for men that you can wear at the beach.

9. Accessorize

Celebrities never ignore even the most minor outfit details. Intelligent use of accessories makes their whole look appear ten-times better.

A common factor in accessories between all the stars is that their sunglasses game is always on point. Somehow, shades make these stylish men look even more irresistible.

You can test yourself for the same. Just put on a plain white shirt with a nice pair of jeans. Check yourself in the mirror both before and after putting on the sunglasses. You will start admiring your classy look for sure.

If there were a rule to go for just one accessory, it would be wearing an elegant watch. What a watch does to an outfit can never be emphasized enough. And celebrities know that very well. You will hardly see any male celebrity sans their watches.

If you think you can pull it off like Ryan Reynolds, go for some cool necklaces. They look extremely good on him, so why not get yourself one and try how they look on you?

Tips for a crisp style

  • To avoid your tucked in shirt to come out and look bad, use shirt stays (also known as shirt garters). They will hold your shirt in no matter how freely you move all day.
  • Never wear wrinkled clothes. Steam iron should be your friend if you want to look like a celebrity.
  • Those button on you collars? Use them to stay your collar on your button-down shirts neatly.

Summing up

Harry Winston puts it right, “People will stare, so make it worth their while.”

It is not impossible to recreate the refined looks like those of the celebs. Just remember, you are aiming for inspiration and not copying.

You just need the right attitude, groom yourself, and try a few intelligent hacks like those mentioned above. The rest will fall in place automatically.

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