How to Define A Good Quality Product Online

Technological advancement makes the modern generation more flexible and mobile. People nowadays tend to swift to the online world and interact on the Internet more than in real life. The lockdown and quarantine only have emphasized this way of life. People avoid getting out…

What Is FinTech and Why Does It Matter Now?

Technologies surround us all the time. TV, desktops, smartphones, fitness trackers, various apps, voice chats, remote work environments – there are numerous examples of tech progress. When it comes to finances, we also even don’t think about innovations. Wherein, PayPal…

LockDown due to COVID-19? Take These Online Courses

Coronavirus had indeed reshaped the course of time. With everyone sitting at home, it’s obvious to scour ways to make the most of our quarantine period. This article focuses on some free online courses that will assist you in not only utilizing all the free time you have…

What Games Are Popular In 2020?

2019 was an incredible year for the video game industry. Titles like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Borderlands 3, and Disco Elysium showed why it’s still worth getting excited about gaming as a hobby. 2020 looks set to be even more amazing, with games like Ghost of Tsushima…

How to Survive During the Crisis and Keep Your Computer Safe

We are living in a strange moment in human history when we are all isolated but united at the same time. The COVID-19 pandemic dictates different habits and practices for staying safe and giving our healthcare systems a chance to deal with confirmed cases. As responsible…

10 Best Manga Apps for Android and iOS in 2020

As a child, I could count on comics to sail through ample of free times. While I loved all sorts of manga, comics, aka Japanese comic books were one of my top picks. With a fascinating storyline coupled with vivid pictures, those comic books left a lasting impression.

How Machine Learning Can Help in Fighting COVID-19?

The global crisis situates itself perfectly to witness the extent Machine Learning (ML) can go to help us fight against an unprecedented threat like COVID-19. The pandemic has almost crippled the world and the outbreak hasn’t just been detrimental economically, it has…