A Path To The Digital Platform

by KEN

People always think of some other different ways to earn some money. But they can’t decide on what and how they can do it. For the last few years, vlogging has been a trend and the generation is vast. No one has a count of how many videos are there on YouTube and to make things more interesting you can be the next heartthrob uploading YouTube videos and be a famous figure like others. However, do you have the skills that takes to be the next sensation of the digital media and rock the platform with all the mesmerizing and influencing videos? For this, you not only need the idea of the content, mass, thoughts but also should possess the idea of editing the videos. Without the skills, you would be like a blank paper.

There are many YouTube video editing apps or software which will guide you or help you to hone the skills of editing the videos. Post which you can upload the videos on the platform and check on the number of viewers and subscribers. Well, things are not that easy for having a huge fan base on YouTube. You have to be really awesome and excel in every field in the YouTube videos from editing to content. Well, thanks to InVideo’s video editor. The free online YouTube editor is the perfect start for you to start editing videos. The tool has all the necessary features which an editor requires to edit the videos. You would be blown by the interface of the software. The designs, characteristics are all excellent in the tool.

The tool has tutorial videos as well for the starters. The newbies can check all the videos and start learning how to edit the videos. However, it is not the tools only which will help you with every detail of the YouTube making video, you need to know some other skills and knowledge as well.


For everything in life, you need to have a strategy, else you will fail miserably. This holds the same for YouTube videos as well. You have to know the audience very well and what they want or demand. You have to strategize everything. You have to be charming, witty and smart as well in addition to adding values to your videos. You need to always focus on your audience and go through the reviews and thoughts. In this way, only you would be able to make a mark among them as well as on the platform. Spend time on your knowledge, flaws and other drawbacks to understand how to improvise in the next video.

Using SEO:

You make and upload videos, but no one notices you, then what? Your efforts will be futile. You have to prevent this and for this, you have to know marketing and promoting business (use some of these templates) as well. You have to make use of Search Engine Optimization when you start creating and uploading your videos. The video has to be good for both the search engines and the users. Ensure that it is visible easily. At the end of the day, it’s your video that has to be found and make a mark on people’s minds.

Topics and Ideas:

The content is the prime objective of any YouTube creator and you have to know that very well. Be it on a trending topic or any latest technology, you have to master the art of choosing the contents to amuse the people. You can also start from basic mobile apps videos to travel vlogs which will really be appreciated by the people. Confused about your next video, well who can answer the questions better than the audience? Go through the comments section, organize a pole quiz on Instagram or YouTube story and the answer would be floating in front of your eyes.


You just can’t make a successful video with a camera. For that, you have to have all the necessary instruments ranging from microphone, a good resolution camera, lighting, editor. Only then you will be able to make an efficient video. Having a microphone will improve the overall audio quality and this will be really helpful. You can use screen recorder and video editor tools which are easy to use, and you will save a huge amount of time and work as well.

Separate your Recordings:

Well, for the noob video makers, you must know that it is suggested to record the video and audio instructions on two separate files. Once the video recording is done, you can record the audio as well. This will be really helpful and will also cut down the time and errors as well. Use Camtasia which will help you to record the screen.

Editing the Recorded File:

Well, you need to add effects to the video and make a hell lot of work in the editing part. Right from choosing the perfect dimension, the resolution you have to ensure that every detail is taken into consideration. You must remove the unnecessary frames and make the video play. Adding the effects and filters is a must to the video as this will help to draw more people to watch the video. You can use the templates present in the YouTube video editor apps as they will reduce a lot of work for you.

Well, you should also know how to speak, and your voice matters a lot. Do keep a track of how to make the videos more interesting through your choice of words and gestures. Nothing is impossible and everyone starts from scratch. Believe in yourself and you can reach heights. You should not have the fear of speaking in front of a camera. Hence brace up and start making high-quality videos at the earliest and upload them on the platform. Before uploading the video, just ensure that you have it reviewed by a few people and get their honest feedback. Post which you can work on the parts to rectify them.

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