Awesome Gadgets You Can Gift For Tech Lovers

by KEN

Gift for your loved one is always special. But bring it different and unique from the normal gifts so, it makes that moment more beautiful. How to make your gift unique? The answer is an innovative tech gift. And with many options of technological innovation on the table, selecting the best for the best one is always seem like a frightfully deterring task. To shootout your dilemma, we are here to help. Keep read on this article, to find the best tech gifts for your loved ones and freeze that moment with sweet memories.

1. Temperature Control Smart Mug:

       Most of us are addicted to beverages like coffee and tea. Having them as hot is a right delicious sip. This smart mug keeps your drink at the exact temperature which you choose for up to hour and a half on a single charge. So now, you will never need to worry about drinking cold coffee again.

2. Wireless Charge Pad:

                 Charging your phone is always an issue when you are out. For handling this, the great device to keep with you is a wireless charge pad. It is very easy to portable and helps you in drying out of charge situation. Nowadays, a vast variety of wireless charge pad is available in online. You have to choose the best one from those things.

3. New Apple Air Pods Pro Cancelling Earbuds:

                  Earbuds are always a handy one to pick and use. These are the latest version from Apple. These new Air pods are actually noise cancelling with better battery life and shorter in length. This Air pods come with sweat-proof and water resistance. It has three different sized soft silicone tips, so they fit comfortably with your ears.

4. Smart echo Dot Speaker with Alexa:

                Echo Dot is a voice-controlled smart speaker with Alexa, designed for any room. Just ask for music, news, information, control compatible smart home devices. It has the most advanced skill which helps you in multi-tasking and makes your daily routine easy.  You can also control your smart android TV box with Alexa. With this Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity make your home smarter.

5. Digital Watch:

              The watch is the most common gift. But can you imagine some watches price is more than smart phones. Due to technological advancement these watches have multiple usage option. Based on your requirement there are huge variety of digital watches available. For example if you are a sport person you can use triathlon watch which records various information such as heart rate, speed as well as distance.

6. Boom Headset with Bluetooth:

                This boom headset gives your perfect feel of the music. It has the option of four variety mode like SD card, data cable, Bluetooth and FM radio. It has the best power capability so, works up to 40 hours continuous music. With the appearance, it looks classy. The ear cups are rotary fold up, so easy to carry on the move.

7. Polaroid zip Mobile Printer:

                  Do you remember a Polaroid camera?  With the click of a button, the machine would instantly print out square full-color photographs. The popularity of digital photography and the invention of smart phones sent Polaroid cameras to the grave, but the technology is making a comeback.

This printer connects to your android or tablets via Bluetooth and wirelessly prints colorful photos.

8. Mobile Document Scanner:

                 A mobile document scanner is very useful gadgets nowadays. It helps you to scan your documents and display them easily on your mobile screen. It is compact and lightweight, great for travel, increasing your scanning efficiency. Not only scanning, but it also take care of archiving, organizing files, and save them on micro SD card. This document scanner is greatly suitable for businessman, students, travelers and amateur archivists.

9. Water Bottle with Bluetooth:

                Play your favorite music on the go, it is water-resistant, compatible with IOS, android, tablets, microphone for answering the phone calls, call back features for last caller, color changing lights can be toggled on/off, 4- hours battery life-based on normal volume &micro USB port fast and easy charging.

This world is entirely surrounded by smart gadgets. Upgrading our gadgets make life easier. Apart from these a vast variety of gadgets launch every day. Surprise your loved one with presenting a smart gadget. To know new technology or gadgets related updates check our Blog Regularly.

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