5 Best Website Builders Free in 2020

Website Builders

Hiring a web developer is Costly and not for everyone, especially when you are just starting. However, web development has been made accessible over the years, thanks to many good website builders to choose from.

So, Website Builders have come so far over the years that it is now possible for someone with zero web development knowledge to create a stellar website. Plus, you don’t even have to write a single line of code.

Well, In many cases, an easy website builder will utilize a drag-and-drop interface to help you put together a site in one sitting. More importantly, unlike hiring an actual web developer, it is incredibly affordable, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

What Is A Website Builder?

Each website builder is a software or tool that allows you to build a website without manually entering code. This provides various tools that make it simple enough for someone with zero experience to create a stunning website from scratch. So, Website builders come in two forms, offline and online.

Here, An offline website builder is a software program that you must install on your computer. Now, Once the website is built, you need to upload the files to your web host. But, This type of website builder has one huge advantage, and you can edit your website without affecting your live pages.

Still, Online website Builders are web-based, which means they run on a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Some are by far the easiest website builder to use. Most of these services come with web hosting features, which saves you an upload step. This primary advantage is being able to work from any device in any location. In many cases, online website builders are far more common in 2020, but many offline options still exist.

Why Drag & Drop Is Amazing for Web Development

You will hear lots of about on this list: drag and drop interfaces, and trust me, and it is a big deal. Suppose you have ever looked into web development before drag and drop. In that case, you should know you needed a thorough understanding of HTML to do anything, which made web development inaccessible to most people.

Even the most straightforward changes were troublesome, especially if you could not visualize the changes. Overall, you could not see the changes in real-time in many instances. Although, that’s changed in 2020.

Drag & drop interfaces allow you to drag elements onto a page and place them anywhere you want without coding. As a result, so web development has never been easier, PLus all of the best website builder tools utilize it.

Well, I would go as long as to say that it is a requirement at this point. Not only has it gotten more comfortable over time, but this has sped up web design significantly. Suppose you go back to before drag & drop, and you will find that web pages took days to craft (they still can if you use HTML), especially when they have lots of content.

But, once again, that’s changed. So, You can put together a stylish page in under an hour if you are familiar with the website builder. Like as, all of the website builders on this list will contain this feature.

Who’s A Website Builder?

Meanwhile, website builders are an excellent way to build a website, and many will agree that hiring a web developer is worth the higher cost. Hence, it’s essential to understand who should use a website builder and who should not.

In many cases, the most common customers of website builders include:

  •     Bloggers
  •     Musicians
  •     Freelance Workers
  •     Small Business Owners
  •     Building Online Portfolios

And much more. A website builder is Good for these audiences because it is cheap and perfect for starting. For Instance, if you plan on starting a blog, prepare to make virtually no money for quite some time (6-12 months).

So, Cutting costs is essential, and a website builder can help you save money.

Though some people and professions should consider going above and beyond when it comes to their website. For Instance:

  • Club
  • Clinics
  • Lawyers
  •  eCommerce
  • Restaurant Chains
  • & others should consider hiring a web developer.

While the saying goes, “you get what you pay for,” and hiring a web designer can give your website the edge or appearance your customers expect. Suppose visitors are going to expect a professional website, you need to make sure you have one.

The Best Website Builders Today

Themify Builder

Website Builders

This Themify Builder is one of the best and intuitive page designers for WordPress. Now, You may already be using a Themify theme. So, Each of these themes automatically comes with the Themify page builder and allows you to make changes on your website’s front and back end.

This comes with a host of the feature that includes row and column customization, custom layout parts (reusable!), over 60 animation effects, translating your website to another language a cinch, and multi-site support.

During Themeify Builder can work on any theme, you will get excellent results if you combine it with a Themify theme. Those themes are made to work correctly with the builder and, when combined, can open up customization options you never thought possible.

Benefits of Themify Builder

  •     Easy translations
  •     Multi-site support
  •     Draggable column widths
  •     Built into every Themify theme
  •     Over 60 layouts to choose from


Website Builders

So, Weebly is one of the best website builders available. Very much so that we offer it into our hosting web package. That is right; the free version of Weebly is baked in so everyone can take advantage of it. Now, Contact customer support to activate it for you.

We select Weebly because it is one of the most uncomplicated website builders to use. This gives customers the customization they need to create any website.

Well, Starting a website is no easy task. Even though with the best tools, it is still hard to pull it off.

That is why we strive to provide customers the most comfortable tools we can find. This helps get more websites online to deliver the message you want to share.

Many of the key features include no transaction fees, Instagram and Pinterest integration, form building, multiple blogging templates, and more. Make sure to give it a try. After all, it starts free.

Benefits of Weebly

  •     Form building
  •     Mobile Friendly
  •     Ecommerce ready
  •     Drag and drop editor
  •     Social media integration


Website Builders

The Elementor is one of, if not the best, WordPress website builder available. This began in 2016 and quickly rose to the top of website builders in the WordPress ecosystem. Even Though it’s plugin became one of the largest on the platform in record time.

So, What makes Elemenetor so successful is how simple it is to build a pixel perfect website with zero experience. However, it is compatible with some of the WordPress community’s biggest plugins and tools, like Mailchimp.

This cannot be stated enough how easy the platform is to use. This offers a massive library of the unique page and post designs that helps your website stand out from the other 455 million WordPress websites. In just some clicks, you are ready to go.

Plus, with the new Expert beta, you can even get help from some of the best Elementor users. Now, You can even hire them, which will be much cheaper than hiring an actual web developer.

Benefits of Elementor

  •     Pop-up builder
  •     No coding needed
  •     WooCommerce builder
  •     Drag and drop interface
  •     Over 300 templates to choose from

Beaver Builder

Website Builders

Beaver Builder is a premium drag & drops the page building plugin for WordPress. So, This plugin is one of the best available when it comes to page building in WordPress. This comes with a ridiculous amount of customization and page options to choose from.

Many of these include multiple content modules, sliders, an excellent support team, video row backgrounds (great for showing off products), works with any WordPress theme, lightweight and optimized for speed, and so much more.

Unlike many other websites or page builders on this list, you can create these stunning pages without ever leaving your WordPress website. It makes creating & adding pages or posts on the fly a cinch. Once you become used to it, there is no going back.

Benefits of Beaver Builder

  •     Optimized for speed
  •     Excellent support team
  •     Video row background support
  •     Compatible with any WordPress theme
  •     Let’s you to build pages directly on WordPress

Visual Composer

Website Builders

Visual Composer is another Best website builder that utilizes a simple drag and drop interface. Here, You can create a ridiculous amount of unique and stunning WordPress pages to make your website stand out from the competition.

This main feature includes mobile editing, an icon library, template import and export support, custom Gutenberg editor blocks, Facebook widgets, 404-page templates, Yoast SEO support, and so much more.

It just scratching the surface of the features it offers.

This live Frontend editor, Inline editor, and Tree view all make editing your website a breeze. Seeing the changes you make in real-time is critical for creating pages promptly, and Visual Composer has one of the best to offer.

Benefits of Visual Composer

  •     Icon library
  •     Frontend editor
  •     Yoast SEO support
  •     No coding necessary
  •     Mobile editing support

Practice Makes Perfect

As well, I have said numerous times that using a website builder is extremely easy. Though, it still takes some getting used too. After all, you are building a website.

While these tools are much more comfortable than building a website from scratch, expect a learning curve. Still, there is good news. So, These website builders have been around for years, and plenty of guides and tutorials exist that can help you make the most of them.

In most cases, the website builder will provide instructional videos and tips to help you along. Plus, don’t forget to take full advantage of support teams as they can help you if you are brand new to web development, especially if you are not familiar with the terminology.

Suppose this is your first time creating a website. I strongly recommend having friends and family try out the pages you create. Usually, you can overlook simple details that can easily get pointed out with a second opinion.

For Instance, if the font is hard for them to read, other visitors will probably feel the same way. Therefore, it would be best if you never let a page go live without getting a second opinion. This last thing you want is an inappropriate or offensive typo getting through.

Have A Plan Before You Begin

So, I have one last tip to offer you; make a plan. Yeah, I know it sounds simple, and you probably have a sketch on the back of a napkin ready to go, but hear me out. Well, there are over 1 billion websites online in 2020, and standing out from that large crowd is not easy.

Having an intelligent web design is a big part of that. Now, Take a long look at the colors and find ones that complement each other, study the competition, what kind of layouts they use, and develop ways to improve.

Also, Check :

I can guarantee you that it won’t look perfect if you try to put something together without a plan. Now, Which website builder did you like the most? Or, What do you think is the most important feature? Did you see anything incredibly hard while using a website builder?

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