11 Best Zoom Key­board Short­cuts For Windows and Mac

by KEN
Best Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

Zoom requires no introduction when it comes to making video calls. Numerous organizations and companies are switching to digital meetings and conferences over Zoom, and ample of them are still is resorting to Skype or Google Hangouts. While Zoom is the ideal property nowadays, it only seems wise to learn some Zoom keyboard shortcuts to speed up or boost your progress.

Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

Additionally, Zoom went from 10 million last December to 200 million in just only 4 months. It’s been the default choice for numerous to conduct large trouble-free meetings. Of course, Zoom’s widespread popularity has also raised concerns regarding the security and privacy of data shared via video calls. There are many causes for the software’s sky-rocketing popularity. Zoom provides an easy-to-use interface, quick-join function, virtual background, screen sharing, screen recording, and plenty more. 

The application offers a bunch of shortcuts for keyboard to fly through the settings and options.

In this post, we will talk about 11 best Zoom keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac. Let’s get started.

1. Join Meeting

It is a must-have for everyone. With the join meeting shortcut, you can rapidly join a meeting from any interface of the application. You can use Command  + J on mac or Alt + J for Windows to join an on-going meeting. Use the shortcut, add invite link, and now join the meeting.

2. Invite Someone

During a call, you might need to invite someone for the ongoing meeting. Instead of clicking on small buttons, you can use the keyboard shortcut to welcome the participants to the call. Press Command  + T for mac or Alt + T for Windows to open the invitation screen and type the attendee’s email Address or copy the URL for the call.

3. Start/Stop Screen Sharing

Zoom app comes with a screen sharing function, which means the users can use to share with attendees. It’s helpful when one wants to explain something to participants. You can either click on the share screen button at the bottom or use the shortcut for keyboard to Shift ⇧ + Command  + S on macOS or Alt + S on Windows. Which sharing the screen, you can also use the same shortcut to stop the sharing.

4. Pause/Resume Screen Sharing

During screen sharing, you might need to pause the process for a while, and the reason might be anything from any interference to personal. You can also Navigate the cursor to press pause button or use the Shift ⇧ + Command  + T keyboard shortcut for mac or Alt + T for Windows. Moreover, use the same shortcut to resume screen sharing.

5. Raise Hand

Zoom’s free plan lets you host a meeting with up to one hundred folks at a time. Also, the limit raises to one thousand participants with paid plans. That situation when you’re conducting a meeting with hundreds of participants, and it becomes head-scratching to hear everyone’s opinion. Luckily, Zoom has provided raise hand function, which allows you to alert the host about your idea. Moreover, you can use the keyboard shortcut Option + Y for macOS or Alt + Y for Windows.

6. Schedule Meeting

There are several techniques to create a meeting on Zoom. You can even use the schedule meeting button from the home screen, use the Zoom web, or the keyboard shortcut for it. It is the fastest solution to schedule a meeting on Zoom. I use this technique all the time to compose a meeting. Here it is:

Use Command  + D on MacOS or Ctrl + D on Windows to open the schedule meeting box. Now add time, date, password, and other details to create meetings.

7. Mute/Unmute Your Audio

During the meeting, you might need to mute your side of audio for a while. Rather than looking for that option, you can use the Shift ⇧ + Command  + A keyboard shortcut for Mac or Alt + A shortcut for Windows.

8. Mute/Unmute Audio for Host

As a host, handling hundreds of participants can because headaches, especially when the attendees are raising their hands to describe things. So hosts can use the Alt + M keyboard shortcut or Control + Command  + M on macOS to mute everyone at the meeting.

9. Pause/Resume Meeting Recording

Do you know you can record the whole meeting on the device using Zoom? While it’s an excellent function to have, you won’t want to record everything. Attendees may wish to record some parts of the meetings. Furthermore, you can even use the Alt + P on Windows or Shift ⇧ + Command  + P keyboard shortcut on macOS to pause/stop or resume the meeting recording. And you can find those Zoom video call recordings and also edit them on your PC or Mac.

10. End Meeting

Zoom offers a neat keyboard shortcut to end meetings rapidly. You can even use Command  + W on macOS or Alt + Q on Windows to stop meetings.

11. Jump to Chat with Someone

In its case with any meetings app, Zoom offers the chat function to discuss some things with team members. You can rapidly jump to chat screen using Ctrl + T on Windows or Command  + K on Mac.

Customize Keyboard Shortcuts in Zoom:

The keyboard, as mentioned earlier, shortcuts are set by default on Zoom. You can remove and also customize them. Open Zoom application, head to Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts, now double click on mentioned keyboard shortcuts. Could you select it and delete it? Now assign a new keyboard shortcut through pressing the combination of keyboard keys on the laptop.

Use Zoom Like a Pro:

With the help of these Zoom Key­board Short­cuts For Windows and Mac mentioned above, you can boost your productivity by cutting down on clicks and fastest your work. Either you use it for leisure or in professional settings, these keyboard shortcuts will help you save a few seconds a day.

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