CBD For Skin and Coat Health In Dogs

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Dogs often suffer a myriad of skin conditions that lead to consistent licking, itching, and biting at their body, which ultimately leads to a brittle fur and bald patches in their coat with hair scattered throughout the house. An unusual amount of shedding should be an indication that your pup is dealing with a skin issue. A problem with skin is not only going to create discomfort as well as pain, but it has the potential to infect other pets in the house and lead to severe infection when the dog engages in constant digging. It’s best to stay covered with Bivvy in order to avoid potentially expensive vet bills in these situations.

CBD For Skin And Coat Health For Dogs

While the veterinarian can offer suggestions for a variety of topicals or medications that may relieve the symptoms associated with the condition, many of these are prescription contributing to adverse reactions. Click the link to learn if CBD is good for your pets.

Cannabidiol or CBD boasts of being a safe, natural alternative offering research that suggests benefits for overall pet wellness, including specific items that have been used with grooming.

The compound derives from the cannabis plant being present in both hemp and marijuana. It is extracted from hemp, making it federally legal as it offers less than 0.3% Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

THC is the psychoactive chemical compound found in marijuana responsible for the ‘high’ sensation. Hemp plants are higher in CBD levels as opposed to THC, where marijuana is the opposite.

Cannabidiol boasts of offering a multitude of beneficial properties, some of which are potentially effective in relieving problems related to a dog’s skin and coat. The drug notes to interact with the ECS or Endocannabinoid System, which is responsible for the body’s system balance in order to achieve overall wellness. The substance is a natural alternative to conventional medications that touts as much safer for pets allowing comfort to be restored and decreasing any pain sensation. The products, including those for grooming, and overall health as seen on this site https://www.holistapet.com, boast as contributing to the betterment of puppy’s health as age progresses along with the various skin ailments touting as supporting a fuller, healthier coat.

Common Conditions That Bring Skin-Related Problems

Many issues cause dogs’ body discomfort, itching, pain, and loss of hair such as underactive oil glands, dust, mites, fleas, or perhaps nutrition. Open sores can potentially develop, not to mention bald spots within the coat and greasy, flaky, skin that has an odor. Most of these disorders are treatable but have the possibility of returning if not taken care of in the right way. It’s vital to consult a vet to determine the underlying condition so proper treatment can ensue.

  • The most common issue for a pup is allergies with the entrance of allergens into the body through ingestion or inhalation. The triggers cause an immune response, which brings a puppy to irritation, itching, and constant licking. The food/flea allergies or atopy often lead to dermatitis, causing inflammation along with pain, and distinguishing the cause assists in the prevention of continued outbreaks.
  • Dermatitis comes in a variety of types, some from allergies with acute instances or ‘hot spots’ show circular areas of moist, raw, bald places that are unable to grow hair. It typically begins from irritation due to allergens, insufficient grooming, or arthritis. Constant scratching or licking produces wounds that have the potential of festering and spreading. The underlying cause must be determined in an effort to decrease the risk for return. Hot spots can have individual treatment, though.

Scales, alopecia, inflamed eruptions, crust all characterize bacterial dermatitis, which likely results from a poor diet. The nutritional and environmental varieties have the potential for treatment, but without a subsequent change in lifestyle likely will continue.

  • The disease known as mange is caused by mites localized to an area or perhaps generalized, more significant places on the body. Demodex and scabies are common varieties. The highly contagious scabies passes from one pup to another with ease with the female mites laying eggs after burrowing down into the skin where the babies feed after hatching, causing redness, extreme itching, and yellow crusting with hair loss.

Mites found naturally on a dog can develop into Demodex if the immune system is not functioning correctly. A weak system allows the exponential growth of these mites, which brings loss of hair along with small areas of scaly, redness. There is the potential, though, for significant hair loss with the disease expanding rapidly.


It’s critical to consult with a veterinarian for treatment so that proper care is implemented, along with the recommendation of a suitable CBD product for dogs to aid in care. You want to use the highest quality full-spectrum cannabidiol for your dog that has third-party laboratory testing. Also, he needs to indulge in the healthiest diet suggested by the puppy’s vet, which will go hand-in-hand with any medications and CBD to maintain a dog’s well-being – mind, body, and spirit.

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