How To Delete Amazon Account Permanently

by Martin
Delete Amazon Account

You’ve decided to Delete Amazon Account Permanently for whatever reason you may have. For example, if you’re moving to an area where Amazon doesn’t offer shipping, you could be displeased with the company’s business operations or even its controversial employee hiring policies.

It’s usually a good idea to remove email from Amazon account if you no longer plan on using it due to the amount of personal information it holds. No one should have access to your account and be able to take advantage of your data. Always double-check to make sure you fully understand the implications of doing a complete delete before proceeding.

Following the steps below will help you to delete Amazon business account quickly and efficiently after you’ve made up your mind to do so.

What Happens Once You Close Your Amazon Account?

If you properly delete Amazon jobs account permanently, it’ll no longer be accessible by you or anyone else. It covers the employees and support staff of Amazon. So if you close your account after believing you made a mistake, you’re simply going to have to start a new one.

It also doesn’t stop at just your basic account where you purchase a few goods during those fantastic Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. It means everything. A shortlist of the items you’ll no longer be able to access after your account is lost:

1. Other sites that utilized or required an Amazon account include Amazon Mechanical Turks, Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Associates, Author Central, or Amazon Pay accounts.

2. Digital content related to Amazon Music, Amazon Drive, Prime Photos, or your Amazon Appstore purchases. It includes Prime videos and Kindle purchases. All content will be erased and unrecoverable.

3. All reviews, discussion postings, and customer photos that you received or are responsible for.

4. Your account history, which contains your credit card details, order history, etc.

5. Unprocessed returns or refunds.

6. Any waiting Gift Cards or promotional credit balance that presently sits on your account.

7. Amazon gadgets such as Alexa-enabled, Echo, or Firestick TV will not work without an Amazon account.

If you can live without everything described above, then you’re ready to start the process of having your Amazon account canceled.

How to Permanently Delete Amazon Account?

To close your Amazon shopping Account isn’t as simple as closing an account on a different website. Likewise, it isn’t as straightforward as going to your account settings and clicking a button to change your password.

Closing your Amazon account does require a few extra procedures before it is completely gone, and you may rest easy.

Step 1: Cancel Your Open Orders

Be sure to cancel any orders placed through your Amazon account recently before deciding to delete them completely.

Of course, you’ll need to be on the website to do this. You’ll need to sign in with the account you wish to delete once you get there. Hovering your cursor over Account & Lists and clicking Sign in are two ways to log in. Tap Sign In after entering your username & password for your account.

Now, check to see any pending orders on your current account once you have signed in. It’s possible to cancel orders that have not yet shipped if desired. However, in the meanwhile, you will be unable to close your account.

Orders can be canceled by going to the top-right corner of the home page and clicking on Orders again. Open Orders should be selected, and then, to the right of each order, click Request cancellation.

Step 2: Delete Your Amazon Account

If you search the site for “Cancel/Deactivate Account,” you’ll come up empty-handed. To begin, go to the footer at the bottom of the page and click on Help under the “Let Us Help You” section, which can be found there.

Go to “Browse Help Topics” at the bottom of the left-hand column and click Need More Help? The right-side box will now have new options to choose from. To get in touch with us, use the Contact Us link.

Amazon will next ask you if you want to chat with its Chatbot on the following page. As a result, you’ll have to cancel your order by speaking to Amazon’s Chatbot, which has taken over most of its service requests in 2019.

Note: A Live person will contact you when one becomes available if you click on ‘We can call you’ underneath the Start Chatting link.

To terminate your account, tell the bot so. After that, you’ll be prompted with a choice between three possibilities. Choose the ‘Login and security’ option from the drop-down list. You’ll be given the option of speaking with a representative after that, as the bot cannot assist you with difficulties of that nature.

Tell a customer service person that you wish to delete your Amazon account, and they will begin the process for you once you have spoken with them. You’ll still receive an email with an ETA for account cancellation at the end of the process.

Generally, it takes between 12 and 48 hours to deactivate an account. However, it has happened nearly instantly for some users.

Canceling from the ‘Contact Us’ Link

The process looks a little different because you can’t talk when using the ‘Contact Us‘ webpage to cancel. With this method, you’ll have to send a message via email.

When you terminate your account, an email template will be generated for you to use.

The method has been described as being exceedingly straightforward and efficient by users. Your account will be deactivated after you request cancellation; nevertheless, a confirmation email will be sent to you to let you know it has been received.

Alternatives to Cancelling Your Account

Even if you don’t plan on using Amazon’s services in the future, you may not want to erase your account. While canceling your Prime subscription, there are a few things you can take to protect your previous Amazon account.

Delete your credit card information and PayPal account immediately to ensure the security of your account. It can be accomplished in the following techniques:

  • Visiting Amazon’s ‘My Account” page to access your Amazon account
  • Click ‘Payment Methods’ on the left side of this page.
  • To remove a payment option, click ‘Remove’ after tapping the down arrows next to each one.
  • Press the ‘Confirm’ button to confirm your action.

A pop-up window will ask you which card you want to use as the default when you do this. If you choose ‘Cancel,’ you will keep eliminating payment methods as you normally would.

You also have the option of erasing all email addresses linked to your account.

  • Visit the ‘My Account’ section of the website.
  • Select ‘Your Address’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Next to each address, select ‘Remove’ by clicking the corresponding button.
  • In the confirmation box that pop-up, select ‘Yes.’

It’s a good idea to keep your Amazon account active for the stuff you’ve purchased so that no one can access your info or place an order without your permission.

By doing this, your account will remain operational but will be devoid of all associated payment or shipping information.

Securing Your Amazon Account

Finally, ensure that your email and phone number are up to date and that two-factor authentication is activated on your account. If you are concerned about the security of leaving your account open, there are steps you may take to help.

  • To access your account information, go to ‘My Account.’
  • To log in and secure your account, click ‘Login & Security.’
  • Enter the password you’re currently using.
  • Next to each option, click ‘Edit’ and then enter the most recent data.

2FA (two-factor authentication) locks down your account so that others can’t log in without receiving a text or email. In case someone tries to log in, you will receive an email alerting you to the attempted login.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Amazon delete my purchase history?

No. Amazon, like the majority of traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, records every purchase you make. However, they claim it’s for tax purposes only, and they don’t utilize it for anything else. u003cbru003eu003cbru003e Amazon stores your purchase history even if you delete your account entirely.

If I delete my account, can I still use my Firestick?

There’s no way around that unless you set up an entirely new Amazon account. Amazon constructed and configured the Firestick to integrate with your Amazon account so that you may use it with any of Amazon’s other products as well.

What can I do if I am locked out of my Amazon account?

Amazon is happy to assist those locked out of their account, but it will take some legwork to get it done. So if you are thinking about creating a new account because you are locked out of your old one go to this u003ca href=u0022;;;openid.assoc_handle=usflexu0026amp;openid.mode=checkid_setupu0026amp;marketPlaceId=ATVPDKIKX0DERu0026amp;;pageId=usflexu0026amp;;openid.pape.preferred_auth_policies=SecondFactorRecoveryu0022u003ewebsiteu003c/au003e first & click the u0022Need Helpu0022 option.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAmazon does have protocols for verifying your identity & getting you back into your account. Although you probably have to submit some key pieces of info (this is to stop hackers from taking over your account), it would be worth it to retain all of your purchases.

Does Amazon have a customer service number to call?

Absolutely, if you need more help canceling your account, call 888-280-4331. You’ll have to follow some prompts & enter personal info before getting to a live person. The cause for this is not to aggravate you; it is actually to route your call to a trained department to assist your specific needs.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you would rather chat with Amazon, you can do that too. Move to the u003ca href=u0022;source=contact-usu0026amp;*entries*=0u0026amp;_encoding=UTF8u0026amp;*Version*=1u0026amp;u0022u003eAmazon Contact Usu003c/au003e page, and start chatting.

Will Amazon give me a refund on Prime?

It’s simple to join Amazon Prime. But, unfortunately, it’s all a bit too simple. Even if you mistakenly signed up for the service, you may be wondering if you can get your money back. u003cbru003eu003cbru003e You can request a refund from Amazon by contacting them at the address mentioned above. If the account hasn’t been used, Amazon appears to be highly accommodating. However, the funds may not appear in your bank account for a few days.

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