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by Martin
Delete POF

You can learn how to Delete POF Account (Plenty of Fish) in this article, as well as a few other recommendations!

Plenty of Fish (POF) has many reasons you would wish to deactivate your account. It’s completely understandable if you’ve finally met the right match, want to take a vacation from the dating game, or have already signed up for one of the many other dating services or apps out there.

Comparing Plenty of Fish to Tinder, the emphasis here is more on compatibility and less on finding a quick hookup. You’ll have to fill out a few pages of questions about yourself (your interests, goals, and even your family members) to move further.

On most platforms, you have the option of completely deleting your profile or simply hiding it from public view. If you choose this option, people won’t find you on the website, which may be ideal if you’re undecided about ending your time on the site. I’ll walk you through both.

Here is how to quickly Delete POF Account permanently.

How to Delete Plenty of Fish Account for Good

Your Plenty of Fish profile will be gone forever if you Delete POF Account. The dating service will delete all of your prior connections and talks, as well as your images.

To say farewell to Plenty of Fish and everything that it has to offer, take these steps:

1. To begin, go to this website. Then, if prompted, log in to the Plenty of Fish Website.

2. Fill out the options and then click Delete Account to remove your profile.

The smartphone version of Plenty of Fish does not allow you to Delete POF Account. Instead, mobile web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla must be used to perform this. Step-by-step, though, they are nearly identical.

How to Hide Your Plenty of Fish Profile

The best course of action if you wish to take a break from online dating for the time being but plan to return to Plenty of Fish at some point is to hide your profile.

Anyone who isn’t ready to remove everything on their Plenty of Fish account will appreciate this feature. There’s no harm in hiding your profile, whether it’s for personal reasons or because you need a break.

1. Log into your Plenty of Fish account at

2. Select Edit Profile or My Profile from the drop-down menu after clicking My Profile at the top of the page.

3. Click the box next to Hide Profile in the Profile Visibility section.

There will be no further suggestions or results for your profile. You can re-enter the dating market at any moment by simply following the same techniques you used to hide your profile.

It’s worth noting that several users have complained that this feature is missing, and our tests show that it did give us a few issues as well. Using Incognito Mode to view the Plenty of Fish website was our workaround.

If Plenty of Fish isn’t cooperating, open a private browsing session, and the problem should be resolved. As a result, you may need to contact the Support Team for more help.

Edit Your Profile

Update your profile before deleting your POF account because you’re not getting any responses. Having a good profile can lead to more connections, leading to more dates in the future.

It’s a good idea to update your Plenty of Fish profile from time to time to keep it fresh and appealing to a new audience.

If you don’t want to change your age or what you’re looking for, that’s fine (marriage, casual, etc.). However, you have the option to alter your interests, hobbies, photographs, and other personal information. When it comes to writing your bio, there’s plenty of area on Plenty of Fish.

To update your profile, do this:

1. In the upper right-hand corner of Plenty of Fish, tap My Profile and then Edit Profile.

2. You can update the list of selections as you wish.

3. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

We didn’t spend much time on our Conversation Starters, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either. When composing your bio and other information, be unique and authentic. You’ll want to stand out on Plenty of Fish because there are a lot of individuals there. When filling out a questionnaire about what you want in a partner and the future, be sure to be true to yourself. If you don’t, you could end up with a relationship that doesn’t work out in the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Plenty of Fish or any other dating service, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section below!

How do I cancel my paid subscription?

You can upgrade your profile from a regular profile to one that gives you additional perks and boosts your chances of finding the right match like many other services. However, canceling if you don’t feel like you’re getting any benefits is simple.

Because you don’t have to cancel your account altogether, we favor this alternative. You can switch to a membership that does not cost you money.

To cancel your subscription, do this:

1. Head over to this site and sign in.

2. On your phone, tap on your Account Page on the left. If you are on a computer, tap on the ‘Premium’ page at the top.

3. Choose the ‘Click here to let your upgrade expire’ hyperlink.

4. Now, confirm that you would like to stop your subscription.

Once the billing cycle renews, you will no longer be charged for the service.

Can I reactivate a deleted account?

Not at this time. There is no way to revive your account after following the instructions outlined above. For spam or community guidelines infractions, you can send an email to POF to see if they’ll reinstate your account.

How can I cancel my account if I can not login?

A lot of people ask this question. It’s common for people to open an account and then hold it for a long period. As a result, your login information may be lost when it comes time for you to close the account down. You can, of course, use the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the sign-in page if you know your email address or username.

Keep in mind that you can use the search box in your email client to look up ‘Plenty of Fish.’ You received a confirmation email after signing up for the service. When you receive an email, look at the email address it was sent to and use that email address to recover your account.


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But, if you have forgotten those two details, you may be required to contact POF support.

Can someone find me by searching for my username?

Yes, contrary to what most people believe. Another user can use your username to locate your account. For premium accounts, however, this is available. The search bar will be only visible if you are logged into POF with a valid paid subscription. You can search for any person on the site from here.

No More Fishing

How to deactivate a POF account means you may be ready to reel in your catch now that your know-how. The process of dating can be complicated, but deactivating an account does not have to be. If you need to Delete POF account, the process is simple.

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