Do you have a YouTube channel? Build a Community with a Facebook Page

A Facebook page can promote effectively every website, blog, or YouTube channel you have. Through the page, you can approach users and bring your content to them. Many YouTubers are using their Facebook page to drive traffic to their channel and gain new subscribers. Therefore, if you already have a YouTube channel, you must create a Facebook page for it. Some clever tips for the promotion of your videos are to use Facebook Ads and buy Facebook post likes.

However, in this article, we going to take a look at the ways that you can grow your Facebook page for your YouTube channel.

Post your Videos on your Facebook Page

First of all, the reason you created your Facebook page is to promote your YouTube channel. Therefore, the main content on your page should be your videos. Of course, it shouldn’t be the only content, as you will still need to engage with your Facebook followers. Make a content schedule and post every video when it becomes live. After a couple of days, post it again and maybe boost with a Facebook ad, or buy Facebook post likes to make it more visible. Moreover, post a short version of it on Facebook Watch and add your YouTube on its title and description.

Build the Hype with Exclusive Teasers

Moreover, your Facebook page is the ideal place to start building the hype for your upcoming projects. Post stills, photos, graphics, or 10-second teasers of your next video. Ask your audience to guess what it is about and try to make them feel your enthusiasm. If you are successful in this, you will notice an increased number of views on your next video, as users will want to watch the final product.

Join Groups and Promote your Videos there

Another thing that you can do on Facebook to promote your YouTube channel is to join various groups. There, you can find users who are interested in the content you post and you can attract them to your Facebook page. From there, it is easy to have them visit and subscribe to your YouTube channel. Make sure that you regularly post on the groups and that you leave comments on other people’s posts. It is important to have as much presence as possible, as it will boost your page’s visibility. The same will happen if you buy Facebook post likes.

Encourage your Followers to Share your Videos

The followers of your Facebook page are a great source for more followers. Every time a user likes your page, his other friends on Facebook see it. However, you can take an extra step and encourage them to share your content. An easy way to do that is through a giveaway, where users will have to follow, share, and tag a friend. With just a small budget for the prize, you can get a lot of free promotion.

A Facebook page is the perfect place to build a community for your YouTube channel. Buy Facebook post likes and Facebook ads to bring it to more users on the platform.

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