Elevator Shoes for Men

by KEN

There are several questions that people ask about shoes that make you look taller. Many potential and even old buyers are interested in knowing much about elevator shoes. Most of these answers may not be easily gotten hence we shall give a summary of questions that are easily asked by people and try to answer them.

However, one thing you should know is that when buying elevator shoes, consider a brand that is tested, trusted and reliable.

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What are elevator shoes?

Elevator shoes are shoes that are designed to increase your height. These types of shoes are made with specially designed insoles that give extra inches to your height so that you can appear taller.

An elevator shoe looks like traditional flat shoes when viewed from outside because the insoles are concealed. Elevator shoes are made with high quality to enhance your confidence and appearance in general.

Can you walk properly on elevator shoes?

Some people are skeptical about being able to walk when they wear a pair of elevator shoes. They believe that these pair of shoes would give them discomfort or pain when walking. That is far from the truth as elevator shoes are designed to provide comfort, style and class to your appearance. You can walk very well when wearing elevator shoes.

However, you may find it different at first because of the extra height it provides but over time, and you may find it even more comfortable because it improves your posture and enhances your appearances.

Do you feel pain when you wear elevator shoe sneakers?

The heels of elevator sneakers are hidden and design to provide comfort. Wearing a pair of elevator shoes all day may not cause your feet to hurt, it is safe and comfortable for you to wear elevator shoe sneakers. Elevator shoe sneakers have heels that expertly place so that your feet can better withstand the pressure placed on it.

Are elevator shoes only for short people?

Most people believe that the only reason for wearing elevator shoes is to make you appear taller, hence believing that these height increasing shoes are only suited for short people. Such an assertion is far from the truth because several other benefits come with wearing elevator shoes. Both tall and short people can look good and attractive when putting on elevator shoes. Elevator shoes also provide you with quality, style and good posture irrespective of your height.

What are the types of elevator shoes?

Elevator shoes may come in different shapes, color and style, so also are their purpose of creation. There are hiking boots, sneakers, canvas, sandals, rubber shoes, wedding shoes, etc. Each of these types of elevator shoes can be worn for different purposes and whichever type of elevator shoe you want to buy, we have you covered.


Elevator shoes are worth wearing because of the immense benefits that come with wearing them. Both tall and short people can wear them. They are comfortable to wear and give you a confidence boost due to their height increasing property.

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