Email Checker Review 2020 – The Best New Email Verifier

by KEN
Email Checker Review

Most of the time, people end up sending emails to the wrong email addresses. Has it happened with you? Well, this happens so many of us because of negligence in checking the email ID of the recipient.

It’s quite annoying for both the sender as well as the receiver, especially if the sender has to send an email in urgency. Moreover, when you are sending good wishes or casual emails personally, the impact of sending emails to wrong email addresses is minimal.

However, imagine if you are working in the corporate sector, and end up sending a wrong email. The impact of sending illegal emails might cause a significant amount of monetary loss to the company.

To avoid such cases, Email Checker is the ideal solution for you. Also, this software verifies all the email addresses before releasing the mail to the receiver. Furthermore, this tool offers the right API that verifies websites and apps.

EmailChecker can also be used to cover online inquiry application forms, POS (Point of Sale) Systems, Ecommerce gateways, and many more. This article will give you insights about EmailChecker, its features, benefits, pricing, pros, and cons. based on this data; you can determine the importance of EmailChecker.

Pricing and Various Plans

The cost of EmailChecker varies in different aspects. The aspects include the subscription that you are using and the number of email verifications that you need. Moreover, to come up with an accurate cost, you can go through the steps mentioned below:

Choose the number of emails that requires verification

With the help of this tool, you can select the number of emails that you need to verify every single day. Also, it gives you an option to choose your desired amount. Once you have selected the required amount, it gives you an overall cost. You can purchase the credits, depending on your feasibility.

Pay as per your needs.

If you are not willing to pay for the service this tool offers, it gives you the option to pay as per your needs. Firstly, you will have to choose the list that you need to verify. The website checks the list and comes up with a cost for that particular list, determining the number of emails that have to be verified.

The pricing varies from 14$ for 1,000 credits to 2,499$ for 2,500,000 credits/ month respectively.

Solutions provided by EmailChecker

There are numerous solutions offers by the EmailChecker platform. Enlisted are some of the best solutions:

1. Email Verification

The first solution that this platform offers is the verification of emails. You can upload a list of the emails and wait for the processes to complete.

Also, you can upload the files directly into the dashboard of the EmailChecker. You can upload up to 500,000 emails and can verify it. You will have to upload files in the form of .txt format.

Moreover, you are also able to drag and drop the files into the dashboard directly. After you have uploaded the list of emails, you will have to wait until the process is complete. Once the process has completed, you will be able to download the file.

2. Real-Time API to verify

This solution includes fast and high-quality checks of email. This service also enables you to verify all the emails within no time. Also, it gives you a platform that shows real-time results.

3. Catch-All Verification Solution

This solution is designed for B2B companies. Once you have uploaded a file to verify, there are specific validations that it goes through. Furthermore, you get accurate and precise results once the verification processes are complete. If any email addresses remain unchecked, it further goes through a second validation check phase.

4. Integrated Drupal

This solution is built to verify email addresses that are entered to log into several apps or websites. Moreover, you will have to complete a few steps to use this solution.

Certain Features offered by EmailChecker

1. Domain Checking

This feature is one of the favourites of the industries that are using it. Once you have entered a domain name in the search portal, the tool checks its validity. Moreover, the tool also checks if the domain can accept mails.

2. Email Verification

The software helps you by decreasing the amount of work you do when it comes to sending emails. Moreover, it verifies the email address in real-time and then sends the email to the recipients. It also helps you in the registration processes.

3. Syntax Checking

Sometimes, when you are entering the email addresses, most of the time, you tend to add some basic and essential things into it, like syntaxes. Moreover, this feature ensures that all the syntaxes like ‘@’ are correctly inserted into the email addresses.

4. Format Checking

Besides checking the syntaxes, the tool helps you in checking the format of email addresses. It also ensures that all the email addresses are correctly formatted when sending it to the recipient.

5. Protects you from false email addresses

Businesses often receive malicious emails in terms of phishing from unethical hackers. As those email addresses entered your database, it becomes difficult for you to avoid those while sending emails to other recipients.

This is where this feature helps you in preventing you from sending emails to these email addresses.

6. Rapid verification of emails

EmailChecker is one of the best platforms that provide fast verification services to businesses. It verifies the authenticity of the emails within seconds. Furthermore, you can access the dashboard to check your emails instantly.

7. Integration

If your company is offering software solution services, then you must opt for this tool. It provides you with a platform to capture the right email addresses and send emails without any complications. Moreover, this tool can be easily integrated into your company’s software, helping you in numerous ways.


As you would have gone through the features and solutions that EmailChecker offers, you must have understood the pros associated with it. The platform ensures the accuracy of 99 percent when compared to others. Enlisted are certain advantages that you must know:

  1. This tool offers real-time and accurate results.
  2. It automatically rectifies all the errors.
  3. The tool detects all the disposable email addresses, spam keywords, and many more.
  4. This tool also identifies bad quality domains.
  5. It checks the domains and ensures that proper securities are in place.
  6. The tool offers a standard and affordable price to the users.


  1. The tool cannot detect DNSBLs and URI DNSBLs.

Final Verdict

Considering all the aspects, the services, features, and solutions offered by the platform are spectacular for all the businesses. Also, not to forget, the affordable pricing factor makes it feasible for all scales of companies to make the most out of it. And hence, you must invest your hard-earned money to enjoy this tool’s experience.

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