How To Forward AOL Mail to Gmail in 2021

by Martin
Forward AOL Mail to Gmail

In this essay, you will learn easy steps to Forward AOL Mail to Gmail, Importing Contacts, and more.

However, just because you have several email accounts doesn’t mean you have to check all of them every day to stay on top of your inbox. Using a different email account, you can send a reply that appears sent from the original account while being forwarded from one address to another. Forwarding AOL mail to Gmail, Importing Contacts, and more will be covered in this tutorial.

After decades in business, AOL still provides Email services, but not much else. Making the switch from AOL to Gmail gradually will allow you to keep all of your contacts from AOL in your Gmail address book. Email forwarding is a component of migration.

A digital copy of an email is made and sent automatically to another email account when you set up email forwarding. A copy of the email is sent to the address you specify, while the original email remains in your inbox. Email migration or checking multiple email accounts from a single location is quick, free, and simple with this tool.

Forward AOL Email to Gmail

In this tutorial, AOL Mail forwarding to Gmail, but the process works for most other email services. Any email can be sent to Gmail by following the same steps; the only difference is the email account details you enter. Everything else should be identical.

1. Go to Gmail and sign in.

2. Go to the Accounts and Import menu by clicking the cog icon on the right side of the screen.

3. Click on Check Email from Other Accounts and then Add an Email Account to add a new email address.

4. Click the Next button after you’ve entered your AOL email address in the pop-up box.

5. Enter your AOL password when prompted after reviewing the email server information.

6. Keep copies of retrieved messages with AOL by selecting the option to “Leave a copy on the server.”

7. Choose the option to add a new account.

It is sufficient to move all of your AOL emails to your Gmail account. If Gmail can connect to AOL’s mail servers, you should see emails right away.

Step 6 includes an option to ‘Label Incoming Messages,’ which you can use if you like. You should see an option to ‘Label Incoming Messages’ under ‘Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server.’ Add a label to your inbox to help you find forwarded emails in Gmail when it’s crowded. If you receive a lot of mail, this feature is useful.

Import messages and contacts from AOL to Gmail

You can now import your AOL contacts and messages from your existing inbox into Gmail once forwarding has been set up and is working.

1. Go to Gmail and sign in.

2. Go to the Accounts and Import menu by clicking the cog icon on the right side of the screen.

3. From the center, select Import Mail and Contacts.

4. Click Next after entering your AOL email address in the pop-up box.

5. To allow Gmail access to your contacts, enter your AOL password in the box provided.

6. Continue is the only option available.

7. If you want to import email and contacts, you can check either box or both.

8. Then click OK to finish.

Depending on how busy the Email servers are, also how many contacts & emails you have, the import process can take some time. However, if all goes well, your AOL contacts and inbox should now be in Gmail.

Send Emails from Gmail with AOL address

Sending emails from your AOL address within Gmail may be easier during your migration. It is a handy feature because it allows you to send multiple email addresses with a single sign-in.

Assemble it in the following manner:

1. Go to Gmail and sign in.

2. Go to the Accounts and Import menu by clicking the cog icon on the right side of the screen.

3. From the Send Mail As a row, select Add Another Email Address.

4. Go to the pop-up box and enter your AOL email address.

5. After that, click on the Next Step button and click Send Verification to complete the process.

6. Verify the email you received from Gmail by logging into your AOL account.

7. Open a new message in Gmail and enter your AOL e-mail address in the To field.


You can now choose whether your AOL or Gmail address appears in the From field when sending an email. They will respond to whatever is in the message once it is delivered to the recipient. When you send an email to AOL, it will be automatically forwarded to your Gmail account.

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You can make this change permanent by going back to Accounts and Import and selecting Send Mail As, and selecting AOL as the default. However, doing so would only lead to confusion, so avoid it at all costs!

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