How Dash Cameras Can Improve The Safety And Efficiency Of Your Operations On Ground

“The cameras were a godsend. It took the pressure off of our driver because it showed that he wasn’t responsible for the accident. It was good for the driver, and it was good for the company.” 

– Tom Townsend, Fleet Manager, Moore Food Distributors

Wondering what made Tom Townsend announce such a testimony? It’s time for storytelling!

It was way back in October 2017 that Tom Townsend understood the value of dash cameras. He shook hands with Samsara, a pioneer in Industrial IoT, to avail of its fleet solutions. Samsara helped Moore Food Distributions by installing real-time GPS trackers and cameras, coupled with other fleet management solutions.

Being thus equipped, one of Moore Food’s trucks was voyaging on a highway at sixty-five miles per hour. It was then that a car collided with the truck, causing the truck to keel over the guardrail and collapse down an embankment.

Everything then happened rapidly. With Samsara’s dashboard camera automatically retrieving the footage of the whole incident, Moore Food Distributors was able to send the proof of the accident to the lawsuit and its insurance provider. In under five minutes, Moore Food Distributors was able to exonerate its truck driver.

Much more than acquitting its driver, Moore Food Distributors was able to save a handsome price of $250K on the accident.

Friend, that’s the power of dashboard cameras. It saves lives, saves dough, and of course, saves your business!

Interested in learning more about how this magical device improves the safety and efficiency of your ground operations?

Well, read on!

The Secret Behind Assured Safety & Efficiency

1. Rescue Fleet Drivers

As you read in the example above, you can also safeguard your drivers from being falsely blamed in the face of accidents.

When untoward incidents happen in the wilderness, you would be able to delegate timely rescue operations. In hit-and-run cases, you’d have the proof to identify the perpetrators.

Into the bargain, you’d also be protecting your business from incurring huge losses upon a drive that should have brought in more profits.

2. Record Driver’s Behavior

According to a statistics report by the National Safety Councilthe usage of cell phones while driving causes 1.6 million crashes every year. What if your fleet drivers are among the lot?

Not an appealing situation, right?

That’s where dashboard cameras give you the feasibility to monitor what your drivers do behind the wheel, besides steering.

What’s even more fascinating is that, when your drivers know that they are being watched, they’d automatically do everything in their power to be all goody-goody while on the job, to keep from being sacked.

This way, you’d protect your drivers from over-speeding, tailgating, and avoiding traffic lights.

3. Reveal Thieving Activities

Does it sound outdated that cameras onboard could prevent thieves from vandalizing or stealing your vehicle?

Let’s tell you otherwise.

Just the warning of fleet tracking surveillance to alert the authorities is tangible enough to put off thieves from sabotaging your vehicle. Alternatively, to protect your valuable goods due to shipping, you’d do well to install those surveillance cameras.

This way, even if your assets are being stolen, you’d know the man behind the theft and would have some scope to redeem your goods.

4. Rig Secured Rides

These dashboard cameras do more than tame your drivers to abide by the driving rules. By offering insights on the path they are treading, they act as your fleet drivers’ guide on the roads.

Night drives are by far the most dangerous of rides. They are even more hazardous when your drivers take such ventures on paths they are unaware of.

However, with dashboard cameras, your drivers will be intimated on the road condition, traffic, and weather to take safe courses of action. In addition, by giving a wider viewing angle, your drivers would be able to visualize the full view of the path ahead of them and also around the vehicle.

5. Rule Out Parking Accidents

Parking is sometimes the most strenuous of all driving activities. Imagine a scenario where your driver scratches another vehicle while parking. It’s simply going to put you through legal issues that would divert you from your business operations.

On the flip side, assume that in the parking lot, someone tries to steal your valuables. With dashboard cameras, you wouldn’t even have to leave the engine on to record the vandalizing situation.

You’d have evidence of all mysterious nights! Both you and your drivers can hit the pillow with peace of mind, knowing well that your vehicles and assets are safe.

6. Restrict Insurance Frauds

By now, you would have noticed that insurance frauds are turning out to be one of the painstaking troubles of the twenty-first century. While it not only takes a toll on the insurance companies, it afflicts your honest fleet drivers too!

If you are wondering what this is all about, let’s give a little explanation. Some meddlesome drivers purposely cause accidents and blame your fleet drivers to extort money.

These folks go to the extent of faking injuries to claim their assured sum from their insurance providers. If you would have no dashboard camera, then there’s no way you can rescue your fleet drivers from such mess.

This just goes on to show how a dash-cam can safeguard your business from such scammers.

7. Review Driving Skills

Last, but not least of the advantages, dashboard cameras help your drivers review their skills and bring under perfection.

Just like how ballet dancers look into mirrors to accomplish graceful toe movements, so can your drivers review their driving, correct harsh practices such as hard braking or abruptly switching the lanes, and the like.

What’s more, through constant reviews, your drivers would eventually maintain a good driving record. The catch, you can avail of the good driver discount!

A good driver discount is one of the best car insurance to avail of. You can typically extend up to 25% of the assured sum for your auto coverages.

Scale Up Your Safety & Efficiency Operations On Ground!

Now that you know the marvelous benefits of dash-cams, aren’t you willing to scale up your operations?

It’s time to put the garnered knowledge into practice.

Safeguard your drivers and enhance their efficiency!

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