How do you Install Android Apps That May Not be Available in Your Region/Country?

by KEN

Has it ever happened to you that you find out about a really cool game or an app, which is trending on the app store, but when you try to download it, you find out that it isn’t available for your country? Now, this can be a bit of situation, because to tell you the truth, there are a bunch of excellent apps which might not be available in your country.

So, is there a way that lets you download the apps which are not available in your country? Well, if you are an Android user, you can always find a way. In this article, we have come up with the simplest and the most effective way to help you download and install the Android apps, which aren’t available in your country.

How to install the Apps unavailable in your country?

Of course, when you root your Android device, you do get access to these apps, but honestly, that’s not the most feasible thing to do. So, what should be done? Well, there’s a very easy method for this that a lot of you might not have heard of. If you too are one of them, here in this article, we’ll help you install Android apps on your phone that aren’t available for download in your region or country. However, before we get to that, let me inform you that the age-old Android VPN method would no longer work for you on the Play Store. So, here we go with a method that 100% works.

Step 1 – Make a secondary Google account, but do not use a VPN. For this, you have to open the Settings app, click on the Google menu, and then press onto your current mail address. So, in there, you’ll have to tap on Add another Account. Now, move to bottom-left section where you’ll see the Create Account menu. Click on it. Once done, you’ll have to follow the instructions that follow on the screen. After you do that, a new account will be created for you, and it will be added to your Google Play Store.

Step 2 – Now, you’ll have to open any VPN as desired. In there, you’ll have to select the US server. Boston, who offers online write my essay services, says that he always uses the Proton VPN as it is free and incredibly useful.

Step 3 – After you are connected, you’ll have to open the play store app again. Then, you will have to click onto the hamburger menu present at the top-left edge. If you wish to switch to a new account on your Play store, you can click on the new icon.

Step 4 – When you open the new account on your Play Store, you’ll have to tap on the hamburger menu once again. From there, click on to Account option. In there, you’ll see an option that says Switch to the United States Play Store. Right below it, there’ll be an option to add a payment card (debit or credit). So, click on the same.

Step 5 – Once there, you will have to click on the continue option and add your debit or credit card. If you wish to cancel the prompt then and there, you can add a domestic card. Please know that after this, you’ll be moved to the Play Store accessible for the US natives. Keep in mind that this process may take up to 48 hours to switch your region. Now, you can cross-check whether or not you have switched to it permanently. For this, click on the Account section and see if it says – Switch to your (Country Name) Play Store. If so, you can be assured that you have successfully switched to the US play store.

Jacob, who offers the best digital marketing course online, says that after you switch to the US play store, you’ll be locked in to use the same for 1 full year. Thus, it is always advisable to use a secondary account for this, else you’ll use all your family sharing benefits, subscriptions, payment methods, and more, already found on your primary Google account.

Step 6 –  Now, with your secondary account, you have access to the US Play Store. So, on it, you’ll able to install any Android app that isn’t available in your region. After you have switched to the US, you can disconnect the VPN. From now on, you’ll not have to use a VPN to install any app unavailable in your region.

So, using these six steps, you can download any app that isn’t available in your region or country.

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