How eSign Documents Can Help in Your Business

by KEN

You have probably heard about e-signatures; so, do they guarantee any practical benefits for your business? Indeed, the case for e-signs is compelling.

How many hours do workers spend pushing paper at your organization? How much time and money is wasted closing deals because your employees must meet to sign documents physically? Can you keep classified information secure when hard copies are sent from one person to another? Questions such as these clearly make any modern business owner to eSign documents as opposed to using manual signatures. Let’s explore more on this from a business perspective.

1. Do more with less effort (Enhanced operational efficiency)

Electronic signatures enable quicker approvals from suppliers and clients, as they minimize the steps associated with wet ink signatures. Right down from document preparation to execution of signatures, approvals, and archiving, an esign gets rid of inefficiencies, guaranteeing fast processing. In other words, much time can be salvaged as electronic signatures encourage better cross-platform mobility (this means, you can sign in on-the-go), compliance, speedy CRM integration, and paperless work. And given that businesses usually work with e-templates, they can effortlessly search, esign online, and eventually, send them out to the parties involved.  Take, for instance, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). As opposed to having to create a new NDA document from scratch, print, and sign, you can simply get it from an esign platform’s database, pick the relevant parties who should have access, sign and send it – even from a mobile phone. Staff and customers can esign documents fast – anytime, and irrespective of geographical location. Most importantly, electronic signature processes ensure every relevant field to be completed in a contract is executed.

2. The financial advantage of e-signs

The adoption of esigns can reinforce your financial position in various ways. First, when you invest in a top e signature solution like eSign Genie, you minimize the money spent on paper, printing, and handling. Businesses save considerable amounts when they avoid purchasing reams of paper and servicing a fleet of scanners and printers. Electronic signatures can also work to cut on your headcount by slashing the number of workers for menial office work – scanning, printing, mailing, and tracking company documents.  Secondly, investing in eSign software saves businesses money spent archiving and storage. With all the agreements and contracts in the electronic space, you do not have to incur unnecessary costs in ensuring safe custody. Cloud storage is enough to offer you additional layers of security protocols. You can be sure when you use a platform like eSign Genie; your documents will never get lost or end up in the wrong hands. Lastly, as we mentioned earlier, businesses benefit from extra operational efficiency thanks to the convenience associated with electronic signatures. The digital workflows linked to digital signatures minimize sales cycles, which add to the business revenue.


Businesses across the world are answering the call and are trying to meet clients’ needs for a quick and simple electronic experience. Internally, businesses are aware that, when they esign online, they abolish the hassle of routine administrative tasks, making way for employees to concentrate more on growing the business. In a nutshell, electronic signatures help businesses to come up with more competitive offerings and better workspaces: creating operations that can flourish in the new economy.

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