How to Change Netflix Download Location on Windows 10

How to Change Netflix Download Location

One of the most significant advantages or benefits of streaming applications like Netflix and Amazon Prime is that you can download movies and TV shows for watching offline or later. So the Windows 10 application for Netflix is no different. Like its smartphone counterpart, it allows you to download movies, TV shows, and documentaries with ease. By default, the Netflix application for Windows 10 installs on the C drive of your computer. And if you download plenty of content daily, then you might run out of storage capacity soon than you realize.

Moreover, when it comes to Netflix downloads, every title you download for watch later or offline viewing occupies space on the internal storage of your computer (and even your mobile). Thus, if you have the habit of downloading ample shows, you might end up seeing the drive’s storage situation turn red in the Explorer.

Luckily, you can change the Netflix Download location in Windows 10 PC. And the significant part is that it does not take long.

Again, you’ve to keep in mind that you will not be able to access the downloaded files directly on your Windows PC. You’ll have to go through the same old technique of obtaining them through the Downloads section of the Netflix application.

Now we have cleared that up, let’s see how to change the download location.

How to Change Netflix Download Location on Windows 10 PC

Step 1: Firstly, open Settings on your Windows 10 PC and navigate over to Apps > Apps & Features, and search for Netflix in the drop-down.

Step 2: When you have located it, click on the Move button and select the location you want to move on to Netflix.

In my case, I prefer to go with a removable USB drive.

Although, you’ve to make sure that the new location or place, which could be a partition or a new drive, has sufficient space. After that, tap on Move, and done. It relies on the number of downloads that you already have on your system, this process can take some duration, and until then, you will not be able to use Netflix.

Luckily, you can log-in to Netflix from browsers like Chrome or Edge Chromi­um and carry on your bingeing activities.

Step 3: When the process is complete, you will be able to see that all the folders related to Netflix have been moved to the new location. Although folders like Windows Apps won’t be accessible.

The only limitation in this process is that you can’t select a particular sub-folder in the new drive. The folders will be created in the root by default.

Must note that if you’ve picked an external hard drive or USB drive as the new location for the Netflix downloads, you must have the said device with you whenever you want to stream movies or TV show episodes. Without the device, Netflix will display a “Can’t open” error.

Extra Netflix Settings

1. Smart Downloads:

Want your downloads to be quick? Well, Netflix has a capable and useful feature aptly named Smart Downloads that automatically downloads episodes

of shows. For example, if you’re re-watching The Big Bang Theory and have Smart Downloads enabled; the application will automatically download episode 4 when you complete viewing episode 3.

What makes the deal even sweeter and more refreshing is that the old watched episodes are deleted automatically.

To enable Smart Downloads, click on the hamburger menu at the upper left corner and select My Downloads.

Next, toggle the switch for Smart Downloads. Once done, you’ll see the option at the top of the Downloads page.

2. Delete all Downloads:

Want to save on space on your computer by clearing out old downloads? Simple, tap on the little Delete icon on Netflix Settings.

To access it, tap on the three-dot button on the upper-right corner.

3. Manage Download Devices:

The rules for downloading Netflix content are numerous. While there’s the standard ‘Download Expired’ message for old downloads, the most irritating one is the ‘Too Many Devices’ error.

It crops up when you’ve downloaded titles on multiple devices or profiles. The bad or worst thing is that you cannot download a title unless it’s removed from another device/profile.

But don’t worry, there’s a quick workaround for it.

Move to your Account Settings (top left corner) and select Manage Download Devices under Settings. You’ll all the downloads segregated by the device name.

Tap on Show downloads to verify the series/movie title. When done, tap on Remove device.

The only limitation or restriction is that you can’t select individual titles to delete. When done, you should be able to resume downloads on your Windows laptop/computer. If that does not work, a wise thing to do is to restart the Netflix app.

Netflix and Chill:

No doubt, Netflix is one of the best and top-rated online streaming services at present. This streaming service contains all the binge-worthy material from gripping shows like The Stanger Things to drama like Crown. All you need to make sure that you have got a quality external speaker to amp up the whole experience, and you will be sorted.

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