How To Change The Look Of Your Gadgets

by KEN
How To Change The Look Of Your Gadgets

Sometimes, looking at your gadgets can be a little boring. Your smartphone, game console, or even your laptop computer can offer you the best when it comes to convenience, but you might wish that these technologies can be more stylish than usual to suit your fashion taste. So, continue reading to know three ways to change the look of your gadgets.


 Skins are cosmetic accessories that alter the look of items. Stickers and decals are some examples of skins that you may find on the market.

Although skins don’t do much to help boost the functionality of your device, these items improve the style and glamour of the gadget.

For example, you may purchase Nintendo Switch Lite skins to change the default colors of the Japanese gaming company’s handheld-slash-home gaming console. At the time of writing, you can buy this gaming gadget in one of four default colors: yellow, gray, coral, and turquoise.

These colors may help match your style or personality, but any of these can make you look like you’re holding a colored brick most of the time. Fortunately, with skins, you can add flair to that device.

Why not show off your love of the Legend of Zelda franchise by slapping on a Triforce of Power skin on your Nintendo Switch Lite?  How about breaking the monotonous design by choosing abstract art to place on the console?  Or, perhaps, you’d want to show the world that you’re a huge fan of the How I Met Your Mother series through your smartphone?

You might even opt to create a custom design to call your own. The design possibilities for creating skins for modern gadgets are almost infinite. Perhaps, the only thing restricting your creative freedom is your imagination.


It might not be enough to change the look of the hardware of your gadget. So, you decide to alter the design of the software as well.

You can change the look of your device when you turn it on by heading to the appropriate section of the system. For example, head to the Settings of your Nintendo Switch to change its theme. By default, the console only has two options for you to select: black and white. But, you can buy more from the Nintendo eShop for additional designs.

Another example is your Windows 10 computer. Are you tired of looking at the default Windows wallpaper?  If so, right-click on a blank area of the desktop and choose “Personalize”. Here, you can change the different design settings of your personal computer. Perhaps, you want to change the wallpaper to a picture of your dog. Conversely, you might be thinking about changing the default color scheme of standard apps.

Some devices might have a learning curve before you can change their theme. Tinkering can help solve the problem, but make sure that you know what you’re selecting. After all, you don’t want to make a mistake that would destroy the user-friendliness of your gadget.

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Designs

You scoured the Internet and walked around town for the perfect look for your gadget, but to no avail. Instead of searching high-and-low for an ideal look, why not create a design for your device?

DIY designs can bring out personal touches to a device. For instance, you can purchase Nintendo Switch accessories and paint them with the color you desire. Buy a yellow hard case for the Switch and paint Pokémon’s iconic Pikachu at the back.

Otherwise, you can also use DIY techniques to change the look of a smartphone. Again, the design possibilities are almost limitless in this regard.

Black phone case decorated with A letter. Rhinestone art, custom design for mobile phone accessories.

One way to change the look of your smartphone is by marbleizing a jelly case. Smartphone jelly cases are those clear protectors that tend to go on the back of the handheld device. A jelly case protects your gadget from dust, dirt, and the occasional fall from chair height.

But, the transparent color may look boring in your eyes. So, marbleizing it can alter and beautify the look of this accessory.

Marbling a smartphone jelly case will only require nail polish and a bowl of water. Put a suitable amount of nail polish in the bowl of water and swirl the case in it until you feel satisfied with the results. It should only take a few minutes to complete this technique so you can have a fab-looking phone soon.


Break through the limitations placed upon gadget manufacturers by changing the look of your device. Use skins, themes, or DIY techniques to alter the design of the gadget. Adding a personal touch will make you feel that you really “own” the unit, even more so than before.

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