How To Convert PDF To Excel Online and Offline

Convert PDF to Excel

Have you ever desired to know how to convert PDF to Excel Offline and Online? Various tools guide you with this type of conversion task, but many of them unsuccessful in giving the actual output of placing the data in the correct columns and rows of excel. Thus, even after conversion, the result obtained is not satisfactory, and you may again need to put manual effort to rectify them.

You can refer to our article to determine which of the PDF to Excel converter tools is intelligent in performing the task well. PDFs are always handy for sharing documents across different systems functioning on various operating systems. They also facilitate activities like simple printing and scanning. But whenever you want to edit documents, then you need to convert PDFs to an editable format such as Microsoft Excel file and WordPress, etc.

Conversion from PDF file to Word is easy when compared to the transformation of PDF files to spreadsheets. It is demanding to confirm that the data aligns itself correctly in an Excel file after a record converted from the PDF version. Apart from that, it is another time-consuming process to match it manually with the PDF file and correct it, especially if you are dealing with a considerable amount of datasets in the form of complex numbers and formulas. Many PDF management tools can pick out the changing process online as well as offline.

PDF to Excel Online Converters Tools

OCR tools and some other software programs guide in completing the task of file format change directly online. We will take a glance at a few of the best PDF to Excel online converter to describe in this part of the article.

1. Use OCR software

Convert a PDF file to an Excel file is attained with the help of Optical Character Recognition software, known as the OCR tool. You can follow the below steps to alter a file from the PDF format to editable Excel file:

You can download a competent OCR tool available online, like the tool. It is a free tool that allows you to upload any file of size up to 200 MB and then can be transmitted in PDF, Word, Excel, and RTF, as required. For transforming a PDF file to Excel, you can use the following steps.

  • You can open the PDF document with the OCR tool.
  • Then, OCR software automatically begins the character recognition process, where it scans the pages of the PDF document. Moreover, you can select the table format option to have the data aligned in rows and columns appropriately.
  • After the software completes the automated recognition, then you can choose to save the file in Excel (.xls) format.
  • Moreover, you can verify the converted data manually and also format it as needed.

2. Smallpdf

It is an accessible PDF to Excel online converter website that can do the trick quickly for you. It is quite a versatile tool as it can use to transform a file in PDF format to Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc. The site also guides users to compress a file, merge and split documents, etc. Too many useful characteristics, the PDF to Excel converter tool also facilitates the encryption procedure of a file, along with the advantage of e-signature input to a document.

3. PDFConverter

It is the other excellent possibility for a tool to Convert PDF into an Excel file. PDF Converter tool is obtainable online for free, which can use to change a PDF file to various other file formats. A user needs to upload a file and tap on the Start button to let the tool transform the file from PDF to Excel format. Further, the file can download, and the data retrieved can be analyzed.

PDF to Excel Offline Converter Tools

The offline software programs used for PDF file to Excel file conversions have more characteristics; thus, it may seem superior to use them alongside online converter tools.

1. PDFZilla

PDFZilla is not merely a PDF to Excel converter software as it has a broad application in terms of the tool’s functionality in converting a PDF file to Word, Text, Rich Text, JPG, GIF, PNG, etc. The device is available in more than 20 languages and can be used to change a PDF file format to others directly in three clicks. This tool is only functional in Windows presently. PDFZilla can be examined as the best PDF to Excel converter tool as it can perform batch transformations rapidly and is available at a reasonable price of $29.95.

2. UniPDF

It is simple to use PDF to excel converter tool, which can let you convert PDF to Excel, Word, Image, HTML, and Text format by just dragging and dropping the data over the program window. Then, you can use the Convert button to let the tool execute the conversions in the backend and send the Excel file to you in a minute. The paid version of the device has to be used, as the free version will merely permit you to convert three pages of a PDF file.

3. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

It is another suitable choice in the list of offline PDFs to Excel converters because this tool comes with an OCR characteristic, which can change the PDf file to an Excel file effortlessly by scanning it. The tool gives superb output quality as it can preserve the layout and formatting of the authentic and genuine document as a result of that reducing the load of the physical work for the user. This software also has the potential of converting multiple PDf files to a single Excel file in merely one click, therefore making it a preferred choice among users who use PDF to Excel converters frequently.


The term PDF is stands for “portable document format,” which created to share files in a standard format across various operating systems. But an editable format like spreadsheets is frequently required while manipulating data and performing data validation in our day to day jobs. Thus, in this article, we saw some useful online and offline tools that used to Convert PDF files into Excel formats very quickly. Most of the tools offer superior characteristics, and you can decide the best fit according to your daily needs.

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