How to Create a Glitch Effect in Videos

Glitch Effect in Videos

Over the years, the glitch effect has popularized among the video creators so much that they tend to use it more in their videos. Basically, the glitch effect happens due to unknown faults in the computer systems, high voltage, low voltage, or loose connections. However, this was then adapted as an effect for web designing, video editing, and has helped designers to reimagine their way of creating digital artwork, logos, and whatnot.

In simpler words, the Glitch effect is created by digital and analog errors for aesthetic purposes that are either done intentionally or due to some technical faults. Various content creators for YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms who may not know how to add glitch effect in videos will be benefitted from this article as we will be writing down the entire process of creating glitch effect. Keep scrolling down to know more about this.

Requirements for Creating Glitch Effect

In order to create a glitch effect, you need to have:

1. Wondershare Filmora9 Video Editor

Wondershare Filmora9 is a powerful video editing software that is perfect for beginners who have recently stepped into the field of video editing. The software is packed with a plethora of transitions, effects, text styles, video editing tools, audio editing tools, and film stocks so that you never run out of ideas.

The software is paid but also has a free version with no limitations but a watermark on the exported video, which you can remove by purchasing a suitable plan. There are various effects in filmora9 including the glitch effect.

2. Raw footage

Raw footage is required to implement and test the glitch effect. You can download Raw footages either from YouTube or Pexels for free.

How to add glitch effect in videos

It is not a difficult task to add glitch effect in your videos, but you will need a little help if you have never used Wondershare Filmora9. As aforementioned, we will be using this video editing software to add a glitch effect in text, video, and transition. Therefore, the section will be divided into three parts to make it easier to understand.

How to add glitch transition in video with Filmora9?

  1. Launch Filmora9 video editing software on your PC.
  2. You now have to import media files by selecting Files > Import media > Import Media Files. You can select as many videos as you want.
  3. Once done, you can add the raw footage in the sequencer and do some basic editing like cutting a section of the video, splitting the video, or anything else you want.
  4. In the Effects panel, click on the Filters and select Distortion.
  5. In the distortion category, you have to select Chromatic aberration just add it to the layer and adjust the time duration according to your requirements.
  6. To use this as a transition, add the effect in between two video clips and move across it to check the outcome which is displayed in the preview window.

In this way, you can use the glitch effect as a transition between two video clips. This gives as really cool effect and helps in filling the gap in-between two video clips or maybe as a cool effect for the video loop.

How to Create Glitch Text with Filmora9

Moving ahead to the second part of the section where we will be learning how to create glitch text with Filmora9. You can use this as an intro video for your YouTube channel or where ever else you want. To add glitch text in your videos, follow the instructions below.

1. Create a new project, add a text box by clicking on Titles > Titles > Choose any > Type in random text.

2. Double click on the text box and click on advanced. Now Select animations and choose “No animations” from the list.

3. Duplicate the text layer and place it on the top of the first text layer and make sure there is no difference in the timings of the two text clips.

4. Now select the text clip which is below the first one, double click and select advance settings. Change the color of the text to black and apply the changes.

5. The next step is to select transitions and search for “Deposit up” using the search box. Drag and drop it on the first text layer.

6. That’s it. Export the clip and follow the next step.

7. Create a new project, import the text video that you have exported in the previous step, and import another video with no text or any special effects.

8. Now add both of the videos to the timeline or the sequencer.

9. Double click on the text clip and click on composition to load more options and select the blending mode to lighten to remove the black background of the text video.

10. You can now cut the text video clips in the middle and add the “Chromatic Aberration” effect there. In this way, you will achieve a glitch effect on text.

How to Create a Glitch Effect in Video with Filmora9

In this section of the article, we will learn how to create a glitch effect in video using Filmora9.

  1. The very first step is to launch Filmora9 and import video file that you want to edit.
  2. Drag and drop the clips on your timeline now and position it according to the time sequence.

3. Now select the Filters tab > Distortion > Chromatic aberration. Add it to the desired part of the video where you want.

4. You can also add the filter named “Glitch Pixels” using the search bar. Drag and drop this underneath the chromatic aberration and match the duration.

That’s all you need to do to add a glitch effect in your videos. You can try more effects and transitions together to make it look cooler and keep doing experiments with your videos and level up your video editing skills.

Wrap Up

Glitch effect makes stunning transitions from one video to another and gives a cool look to the video. The effect has popularized so much that developers have even made apps just for adding a glitch effect on videos, the Google play store is flooded with such apps.

In this article, we have given instructions on how to add glitch transition, glitch effect to text and videos. We have also added images wherever necessary so that you understand the steps easily. You can learn how to do the basics and experiment with something new with it.


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