How to de-stress as a high school senior

by KEN
How to de-stress as a high school senior

Life is pretty fast paced. One moment you’re rolling in the mud at age four and the second you’re in your senior year, applying to fancy schools thousands miles away from home. It all can be fairly overwhelming especially when you’re so young.

Being a senior in school is not easy. It involves taking up the extra courses, scoring flying high grades, prepping for SATs, filling in endless college applications. It all can be too much to deal with especially when it all involves bidding a farewell to your home, your family and your childhood friends. Well, if you’re a senior who’s trying to have an exciting time but can’t seem to get her/his mind off the things which seem ever so important now, here are some tips for you to unwind and de-stress.

The end of high school is an end of an era. Once you walk out of the school and toss your hat in the air, everything changes. Either you end up at a dreamy college or you stay back and get involved with real life, whatever it may be, you change. It is difficult to not think about all the aforementioned factors constantly that inevitably leads to unwarranted stress. Here’s a tip, make time for what is important i.e. spending as much quality time with family and friends as possible.

Making time for family is fairly imperative. Your Parents and siblings are as concerned of what lies ahead of you as you are. Try to spend more quality time with them. It could be anything. Cook a gourmet meal together, take a road trip to your Grand Parent’s place or just play monopoly. It could be anything which doesn’t involve the topic of future. This way you’ll feel more rejuvenated and might I say, like your old young self with little to no worries.

  • Find/ Explore a hobby

The last year of school is tricky to eliminate yourself from. You always have something to do. The prolong course works and college applications you need to nail, leave you with no time to yourself. It is imperative to understand that even though, the stresses are justified, they must not take over your life. Make time for your own self and find or even explore a hobby you gave up on. It could be anything from reading a big fat novel to binge watching Marvel movies with leaving your coursework tension and all.

Exploring and finding a new hobby amidst your plate being full doesn’t mean compromising on your grades. You can be assured that your homework or even your college application essay can be done by top notch professionals without breaking the bank. There are multiple free essay samples available on the website for you to go through prior to ordering any paper. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your last few days at home and play in the fields or just indulge in a good book by clicking on the website.

  • Get some sleep!

With so much going on, the first thing to go out of the door is our sleep. As a senior in high school, you have too much on your plate we get it but it is important to take a good seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep. Sure, it sounds like a dream but it is imperative to understand that having a fresh mind each morning will make you feel more present and clearer in making those tough, big decisions you have ahead of you. Also, needless to say, sleep is a luxury in college and hence, must make most of your time back home.

College is big step of your life. It might sound too exciting to be true but trust me when I say, it’s a step closer towards the real life and of course, adulthood. Even though what lies ahead is independence but it is important to enjoy these last few days by just being present and not freaking out about the future all the time. Spend these last few days taking in as much as you can because, trust me when I say, you’ll miss this time more than anything.

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