How To Download and Install Odin for Mac in 2020

by KEN
Odin For Mac

In Short Story: What’s the one thing you most-liked in any android mobiles than iPhone? If you ask this to numerous people, there may be many things like cost-effective, variety, and probably many other reasons too. If you carefully look at their favorite, you can see a sufficient people answer like Customization. Even if you are an Android user who often uses iPhone, you will end up miss those cool customization’s Android provides to you. In this post, we have covered all about Download and Install Odin for MAC OS in 2020.

Odin for MAC

In Android, you can customize anything you desire on your mobile. I mean this anything. I’m not talking about the wallpapers or icons here. Unlike iOS, there are many user interfaces available for Android. Almost every Android manufacturer has its user Interface like MIUI (Xiaomi), Oxygen (OnePlus), OneUI & Samsung Experience (Samsung), and color OS (Oppo and Vivo) to use on their mobiles. Moreover, there is stock Android which is the perfect experience of Android with no unique characteristics and bloatware.

In Android, you can also change the UI entirely to another if you do not like default UI or want to experience different UI. You can also upgrade to the next Android versions if your OEM is not best at providing updates and security patches. Unlocking bootloader, rooting, unrooting these are few things you can easily do in Android.

What is Odin

For all these tasks, you need to have a tool that relies on your manufacturer. For instance, if you are a Xiaomi user, you need to get unlock permission from Xiaomi. You can use the Mi Unlock tool to unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi mobile. If you are a Samsung user, you can use a tool called Odin for all these kinds of needs.

Starting from the lower end devices, Odin supports up to the current Samsung flagship Galaxy s10 plus. If you desire to use stock Android on your Galaxy J7, Odin is the only technique you can achieve this. But Odin is not obtainable for all operating systems. It was only accessible for only windows operating system, which is very hectic for Linux and Mac users. After so much time waiting for Odin is finally available for Mac users. Yes! Odin for Mac is open, and from now, you can use Odin on your Mac system to tinker with your tablets and Samsung mobiles. If you are looking for Odin for mac installation and tutorial guidance, this is the article you need. Without wasting any plenty of time, let us quickly tell you the steps to install Odin on your Mac computer.

Odin for MacOS

Before the installation guide, it is not an official Odin for mac release. It was a port from the Windows version, which was done by the XDA developers. Do not worry about this, and it is entirely functional and bug-free.

Prerequisites to Install Odin on Your MAC

  1. First of all, you need to update your macOS to the latest version to support some libraries.
  2. You need the respective Samsung drivers installed on your Mac computer.
  3. If you installed Samsung Kies on your Mac, you require to uninstall before installing Odin on your PC. (We cannot install Odin if you already have Samsung Kies).
  4. You also need the latest version of Java installed on your Mac to get Odin working on your Mac. You can download Java from the below link.
    Download the latest version of Odin for the mac, which can be downloaded from the below Link.

Steps to Install Odin in Your MAC

1. Before going into these instructions of installing Odin in your Mac, make sure to install and follow all the prerequisites mentioned above.

2. Now unzip your downloaded Odin file and drag it to the new directory.

3. Its time to open the Odin file. Now double click the Odin file from the extracted list.

4. Wait for some time until the Odin download and installs all the necessary dependencies on your Mac.

5. Once the installation process finished, you are prompted with all the Odin screen.

Now you can use this Odin for all kinds of recovery, rooting, unrooting, and all other similar processes. Before doing any of the installation or unlocking, make sure to backup all your data to a computer or any additional external storage as your files can be wiped at any time.


I hope you find this article beneficial and helpful. If you do so, you can share this article with all your friends. It will help us to grow more, and we will reach out to many people possible. If you have any queries on ROM installation, unlocking bootloader or rooting your Samsung mobiles using Odin, you can let us know them in the comment section. Always feel free to use our contact us page for all your queries. Thanks a lot for reading.

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