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Have you ever desired to save videos from social media websites? Maybe there is a Twitter video you want to download or videos from Facebook or Instagram that you’d like to keep? There is not a download button on these sites, but there are 3rd party tools that allow you to save videos from Instagram and other social networks.

Some of the Top-Rated Video downloader for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are web apps, meaning that you do not need to download a program to your PC to use them. Please copy the link to the video you desire to save, afterwards paste it into the video downloader site to get the file (some even allow you to convert the video to an audio file format). All the techniques mentioned below work from a computer, but you can also use them to save videos straight to your phone or tablet. Although, depending on the device you have, you might need a new application that can handle file downloads. iPhone, for instance, can use Documents, MyMedia, or Files.

Note: Downloading a video from these sites means videos stored on the site, not linked elsewhere. For instance, if a Facebook post has a link to YouTube videos, you can’t use a Facebook video downloader to save it, then you need a YouTube video downloader instead.

Necessary: You should be aware of copyright laws in your country before downloading videos from Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Only because a video can be downloaded for free of charge does not mean that it’s legal for you to take it.

How To Download Facebook Videos

Facebook has a Save video option, but that is not what you should use to download a Facebook video. Luckily, there are various Facebook free video downloaders that you can use it to the same effect: to save the videos from Facebook to your PC, mobile, or tablet.

We will use Getfvid for this tutorial, but some other sites that work similarly include Fbdownloader, BitDownloader, and FBDOWN. Some apps are built specifically for this, such as Video Downloader for Facebook Videos for Android Phones.

Copy the Facebook video link by clicking the three-dotted menu and choosing the Copy link.

Open Getfvid, and paste the link into the text box afterwards select DOWNLOAD.

Step 3: Select a download option. You can even download the Facebook video in HD quality or average quality, or convert the Facebook video to MP3.

How To Download Instagram Videos

Like other Top social media video downloaders, saving Instagram videos involves copying the video link to the post and then paste it into a web application. We’re using DownloadGram below, but some that work too, include Instavieww3toysDownloadinstagramvideos, and Savefromweb.

Copy the link to the Instagram video. You can do this by merely opening the video and copying the URL displayed in the web browser. Another option, which is needed if you are using the Instagram application, is to click the three-dotted menu button in the post and choose Copy Link.

Now paste the link into the text box on DownloadGram, after that select Download followed by   Download video.

Once prompted to download the video from Instagram, now name it what you want so you will recognize and choose where to save it.

There are even Instagram video downloader applications that might be easier to use if you’re on a mobile device. InstaSave is one example of Android devices that can download videos and images from Instagram pages.

How To Download Download Twitter Videos

There are many different ways to download videos from Twitter, but we will review a technique that uses a website called SaveTweetVid.

Select the arrow next to the Tweet then choose Copy link to Tweet. You can copy the URL shown in your browser’s navigation bar if you are already viewing the Tweet that has the video.

Now paste the URL into the text box at SaveTweetVid, and hit Download.

Tip: If SaveTweetVid does not find the Twitter video you want to download, try a similar site like TWSaver, DownloadTwitterVideo, or TwitterVideoDownloader.

Choose one of the download options. Moreover, you should see download links for different video qualities.

The Twitter video download should start automatically, if not, right-click the page and choose the save option. Moreover, if you see a menu on the bottom right, select it and then select Download. You might also use the Ctrl+S shortcut.

Mobile users might choose and prefer an application that downloads Twitter videos. Furthermore, Video Downloader for Twitter and Download Twitter Videos are some options for Android.


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