How To Download YouTube Videos Free And Legally

by KEN

As we know, YouTube is one of the most downloaded video streaming Website and application, which is offered by Google and is so famous that it has become the equivalent word for videos itself. It is not possible that if you are talking about videos and you are not introducing YouTube. Funny memes, movies, TV Shows, cartoons, everything is available on YouTube. As we all know that YouTube is a live video streaming application where you need to have a reliable internet connection to watch your favorite videos. At sometimes, you might have liked a YouTube video and thought, “Can I download it onto my phone?” The answer is, of course, it is possible. You can save and download a video onto your smartphone to watch later. The option is available within the application and on the website also, but it is confined within the form only, which means that you can not share it with others offline. Furthermore, you should require to connect your device with an internet connection every 29 days to renew your offline videos, or else you need to download them all over again.

So, it is undoubtedly significant to download them offline right on your mobile phone. Downloading YouTube videos from the Internet traditionally demands a free YouTube video downloader. Occasionally even two, since the first one, either has a network connection issue or is stuffed with weird and intrusive ads. Usually, YouTube video downloaders available online have been a go-to destination for people interest in downloading a YouTube video free of cost. But in some cases, these “free” video downloaders charge more than we could ever imagine. Following are the methods we are giving you in this article, you can save them on your device’s external memory and share them offline with your friends as well via applications like Xender and Shareit.

It is ordinarily legal to share and install YouTube videos on the Internet, but downloading them for your offline use is not always authorized. Downloading videos is a disobedience of the YouTube Terms of Service unless YouTube has categorically permitted to download the video in question. It is easy to learn how to download YouTube videos, and we are going to take you through it. Either you would like to store a piece of music or video.

Problems with free YouTube video Downloaders online :

An essential rule of the Internet is always to be careful what you download. The same rule applies to download videos with online YouTube downloaders also.

1. High Risk of Malware :

Google “Download YouTube video,” and you will observe hundreds of self-proclaimed best YouTube video download websites in line trying to attract you in. Though not all of them are supposedly legal. Given the high contention, few might delve into other unethical activities to obtain money out of users. So for that purpose, one method is malvertising in which online advertisements stuffed with malicious code that deflects a user to a malicious website. Once you accept to visiting the malicious webpage, perpetrators can install some adware botnet in your system to crash your system, even if you have close the site. Not just malware, visiting unsafe sites makes you unprotected from all kinds of viruses and Trojans that can further cause more significant destruction, for instance, stealing your private info.

2. illegal :

Ripping videos off from sites is not just savage but also prohibited in the eyes of the law according to YouTube terms and conditions. In almost all the counties with copyright law, one is not allowed to download or make copies of copyrighted content. If caught doing so, you can theoretically face trial or a fine. However, YouTube has never lashed on a user for downloading a copyrighted material by using a video downloader; the activity, in any case, is illegitimate. Some YouTube videos do not come under copyright laws, for example, videos listed as Creative common (CC), and videos that have expired copyrights. Furthermore, it is highly improbable that the YouTube video you need to save is free from copyright laws.

Today we will show you what we think is an excellent application for legally downloading YouTube videos.

How to download YouTube videos free and legally?

As we talked before, using YouTube video downloaders is not just unsafe; it is mostly illegal. Though, here we will show you how to download YouTube videos free of cost without any software by using the official YouTube application.

1. YouTube App :

For download a video from YouTube legally, here is what you need to know:

  • Use the formal YouTube mobile application.
  • Click in the video you want to download.
  • Click on the Download button just below the video thumbnail.
  • Select the video quality.
  • Click OK.

Finally, the video is now saving in downloads. You can watch or listen to the videos, even when you are offline. If you want to download songs from YouTube, try out the YouTube Music application, which lets you approach millions of songs on YouTube.

2. YouTube Go App :

YouTube Go is one of the best Android applications from Google intended for low performing smartphones. Although, users seeking to download YouTube videos for free can use it to their benefit. To download YouTube video on the Go version, follow these mention steps:

  • Download the YouTube Go application (Android).
  • Select the video.
  • After that, in the next menu, choose the quality.
  • Click the download button.

Why use YouTube App for Downloading Videos?

Millions of people use YouTube to browse music. One of the greater complain for using third party YouTube Downloader is that one can listen to the videos while the screen is off. Though, that is old news. You can play videos while using other applications or when your screen is off with YouTube Premium. A mere $12/month YouTube subscription that offers background play, ad-free experience, limitless access to YouTube Music, and YouTube originals.

Conclusion :

In the end, we must say that YouTube is the best informative application that allows us to watch videos all around the world, and we all have videos on our phones as well. So, if you are missing your favorite YouTube videos offline, then the wait is over now. And, if you were losing your favorite TV dramas, Movies, Videos, and many more things, all are available on YouTube. Both of the mentioned methods are the solution for your related YouTube videos offline. You can not only watch them offline but also share them with your friends and anyone. i am sure you will love this App and will have the best YouTube experience for you. For more informative articles, could you write to our blog in feedback?

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