How to Easily Process Long Large Lifestyle Videos on Windows Mac

by KEN

With the rapid increase in the social media trends, many influencers took social media as storm to post their lifestyle video content which is mostly shot by smartphone. One problem that is faced by them, is the large size video and their storage problem. Many influencers have to take care of the long large video size which becomes hectic while editing the video and results provided by many video editors are not worth-sharing, some lack in quality while others lack in compressing the video in small size without disturbing the quality.

Which Software is Efficient to Process Lifestyle Videos

VideoProc is a very popular editing and video conversion software which can be used to process video shots on a daily smartphone camera. What makes it quite good is the simplicity and ease of use. It is available on the Windows and Mac platforms. In this review, we’ll review the software and check out the powerful functions that it offers.

  • Unique GPU Acceleration Technique

In general, people probably think the CPU has done the whole system processing and GPU just a small part which does not need to play its role. However, with the increasing need of graphic processing, GPU does play an important role to boost the efficiency, especially while we are doing video processing. VideoProc is empowered by Level-3 GPU hardware acceleration that for 3 mainstream graphic card processors: Intel, AMD and Nvidia, which is fueled up speed for different video encoding, processing and decoding

  • Quality-Based High Speed Media Converter

This software amazingly supports A-to-B video conversion that encompasses 800+ codec and formats. The 4K capable video converter answers all simple and complicated transcoding needs to maximum extent for long large-sized lifestyle video clips . For instance, it totally supports any daily routine video footage’ codec and formats from H264 to H265 (HEVC), MKV to iPhone/MP4, AVI to YouTube, 3D to 2D.

Must-mentioned Features in VideoProc

VideoProc being the best video editing software provides the following exceptional features. Keeping in view, the features that VideoProc offers is one of the best free video editors compared with the other video editors.

  • Adding Effects

When processing with our lifestyle videos, we always want to add some fancy effects to show our creativity. VideoProc is luckily capable of effects panel, which allows you to add black & white, noice & Grain, fisheye, mirror, sharpen / blur, painting artsy and even slow/fast motion effect with easy a few steps/

  • Stabilizing Videos

On the chance that your video is taken progressing, as from a bad mobile camera or any other recorder, the recording may require some adjustment. VideoProc got you secured there additionally: Just select the video> go to the tool kit menu>select “deshake” and the new menu will come up. There you can slice the part you need to balance out and afterward, done and save the video

  • Adjustable Output Parameters

Since the video editing is done, Now lets encode and change over into a working format. Now select the video or recordings. Select the video tab and various formats will appear, then select the desired format.Its high processing GPU acceleration feature will convert the video very efficiently. You can click on “codec” to adjust output video bitrate, resolution and etc.

Alternatives to VideoProc

Here is the list of VideoProc alternatives for editing videos on desktop. Compared with VideoProc, they are much more complicated but more in-depth video adjustment. You can check it if you need:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Corel VideoStudio
  • Magix Movie Edit

Final Thoughts

From what has been mentioned above, we can see that with massive video editing functions, intelligent level-3 GPU acceleration and one-stop tools, VideoProc will be your easy solution to process your daily long large-sized lifestyle videos. Better yet, this versatile video editing software will keep updating with a new non-linear in 2020 summer.

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