How to Install APK Files on Your Android Phone

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How to install APK files

As productive as the Google Play Store is, it cannot give you access to every app. For instance, Southeast Asian countries do not have access to Pandora, Spotify, or Hulu through the Play store. But an APK will let you install these apps on your mobile. If you’re an Android phone, installing an APK file is not always straightforward and easy. Furthermore, the OS will restrict the installation for security purposes or reasons. But with this guide, you can revoke the restriction and install APKs Files on Your Android.

NOTE: We must mention that you should only install APKs from trusted or reliable sources. Sites like APKMirror are trustworthy and dependable resources for APK files. But if you install an APK from a sketchy source, then you are responsible for it, you can even harm or damage your Android device and its security.

What is an APK File?

An Android Package (APK) file facilitates or makes possible the installation of an application that is not with ease or readily available to you on your smartphone. While the Google Play Store installs applications automatically for you, when an app is restricted, the APK file will assist you in installing it manually.

First: Find Out Your Phone’s Current Version:

Google has become different or changed the way you can install applications based on your current Android version. The process was relatively straightforward with Android 4.0 to 7.0, but it completely changed with Android 8 and 9. If you need to know what version your mobile is using, then Check for the About Phone tab in the Settings and see whats the Android Version Installed on your Phone. Moreover, it will either be an alphabetical value (Android I to P) or a numerical value (Android 4 – 9)

The below-given guide will cover you from Android 4.0 to Android 7.0

Why And When do I Need An APK File?

Individual apps are still restricted on the Google Play Store based on your physical location. For instance, Pokemon Go was not available in Pakistan for almost a year after the application had launched in the US and Europe. Additionally, Pakistani Pokemon Go players installed and played the app with the assist of an APK file instead. Moreover, Spotify is also unavailable in Pakistan, but APK files can assist.

How do i Install APK File Manually?

Firstly, you’ll need to download the APK file you want to install. We recommend downloading one from APKMirror. It’s perfect for browsing and downloading the APK to your mobile from your smartphone browser.

When you have the APK file downloaded, browse your phone’s Downloads folder. You can now find this in your phone’s File Manager app (the same location or place where you can manually access your phone’s images and other folders).

When you’ve located the APK, keep the location in memory.

Now, relying on your phone manufacturer and Operating System, you will have to navigate the settings. It can differ from one phone to the next.

The foremost and tricky part is that menu layouts and options vary from one phone manufacturer to the next. This setting is located in Security or the Apps setting. The command you are looking for is called Allow Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources.

It will appear as a toggle button or a confirmation box but can vary in appearance. Some settings pages provide a search box, so you can search for Unknown Sources and almost always find it at once. When you have enabled the setting on your phone, please navigate back to the APK file and click on it. Afterwards, choose Install, and it will install the app on your mobile.

The application might not appear on your home screen at once. If this occurs, then open up the app drawer of your mobile, manually search for the application, afterwards place a shortcut on your home screen.

The below guidance will cover you from Android 8.0 to Android 10.0

Google has made different or changed the way you can install APKs with Android 8 and Android 9. It is slightly more complicated, but not too harsh.

First, open your Settings, and if a search box is available, search for the phrase “Unknown.” Look for the result Install Unknown Apps. You’ll be taken to a directory of apps. Afterwards, find your file manager or its equivalent app (the place where your APK files will be stored when they are downloaded or copied to your mobile).

Go under the Advanced tab then click on Install Unknown Apps. There will be a toggle button here. Turn it to the On position, and you are all done

Must in mind that using the APKs will not be supported in the Google Play Store. You’ll have to periodically check for updates for the applications you download and install newer APKs to take advantage of more unique features. We recommend testing once a week for updates and keeping an eye on your favourite apps’ social media pages to stay aware of significant features for upcoming versions.

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