How To Keep Your Children Safe Online

by KEN

Staying active online is becoming a daily necessity for the new generation. As a parent, keeping your children safe online can require setting strict rules.

Nowadays, children have an online life and an offline life just like adults. The digital world can be intimidating due to bullying and lack of privacy.

Parenting your child and protecting them from the dangers and the risks of using social media such as clicking on inappropriate material or sharing photos and videos that could result in cyberbullying can be a little challenging.

Luckily, there are ways to keep your children safe while using smartphones and other technologies. Keep reading to learn everything you need to ensure that your kids are safe while being online.

Tip 1. Use apps that tracks your kids activities

Many apps have been developed to help parents track their children’s online activity. These apps include features such as GPS tracking to see where your kid is going and if he left specific areas on the map.

Other features also include tracking text messages that are being sent and received on your child’s smartphone.

Apps such as Spy Phone ® World Leading Free Phone Tracker App comes with a feature that records phone calls and online activities. It can track what your kid is looking at online such as websites and what kind of apps they are using.

Spy Phone can monitor activities on apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, Kik, Twitter, Skype, and many more.

Tip 2. Be an example for good usage of technology

Kids always follow their parents’ footsteps, including how they are online. Your online activities will show your child how to be safe and how to use social media.

Teach your children to respect others online and not provoke others online privacy. The type of pictures you post online is also important when you are trying to be a role model to you kids. Avoid posting content that you wouldn’t like your children to post as well.

Tip 3. Teach them when to be online

Many parents struggle to keep their children offline, that’s why it is important to force a rule that requires them to stop being online when they are spending time with others.

If you find that your child continues to be on their phone during dinner and family time, encourage them to follow the rules and remain offline.

Tip 4. Keep devices out of the bedroom

If your children take their devices with them to the bedroom, that’s when their minds begin to drift. Children may notice bad behavior online by others and decide to follow along in the privacy of their bedroom.

It could cause your children to lose sleep due to staying online all night long. Studies have shown that 39% of children will keep their devices within arms reach when they are on their beds.

Set an example for your children by leaving your device out of your bedroom as well and let it be a family rule at home.

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