How To Make A Website More Engaging

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How To Make A Website More Engaging

A website is the first line of communication between a customer and a business. It means the engagement of a customer mostly relies on the effectiveness of a website. More effective and user-friendly a website is, the more customers it will draw to a platform. This is the reason why most of the money is spent on making a website effective.

The website is not just a platform to sell your products and services. It is an informative platform that defines you and your brand. It is the platform that generates loyalty and advocacy in customers for your platform.

A stable and user-friendly website not only helps to draw more customers to a platform. It also promotes business. It means if you are thinking about making your presence on a global level. You need to focus on building an eye-catchy website with necessary updates. This website will not only be designed to draw new customers but to engage existing customers. When the word engaging is used what can be more effective then Push Notifications.

Well, if you are probably thinking about How to make a website more engaging then you hit the right spot.

Let us go through some of the crucial aspects that you need to consider for making your website more engaging.

  • Simple layout for Homepage: In a recent study it has been found that it takes about 0.05 seconds for an average user to form a first opinion of your website. It is necessary to keep the layout of your website as simple as possible. It means your website’s homepage should clearly define your brand message. It should not be filled with any unnecessary information that is of no use for customers as well as for your brand.

Moreover, a clean and functional layout ensures easy and rapid load ability. It provides ease to customers during navigation thus enhancing their experience. It helps to engage more customers on your platform without putting any hard efforts. Below is the example for the same.

simple layout for the homepage

Now what many businesses try to do is fill up the homepage with a lot of information, images, and videos. It confuses the customers and increases the loading time. Now what happens is a customer does not get the right message instantly and waits for some time. When the homepage took some more time to load, customers leave the website for some better.

  • Put variety in layouts: In a recent survey it is found that 38% of people like to avoid visiting websites with unattractive layouts. In most of the websites, there is hardly any effort laid on the variety. It means these websites carry the same layout for all pages. Now what they try to do is, to add consistency. Although consistency is a good choice to go with but not everywhere.

Customers love to have variety and freshness. This means if you are providing different layouts for different pages. It will not let customers feel that they are visiting the same platform over and over again. This enhances the customer’s experience and engages them in your platform.

  • Choose appropriate colors: Although this factor is considered rarely while designing a website, it carries a lot of power. Colors play a psychological role. It helps to engage the emotions of your visitors towards your website. A good color combination provides a unique look to your website. This can be seen in a given image

Colorful webpage layout

It provides an ability to user, to differentiate each and every message that you are offering at the very first instant. This means you can use a perfect blend of colors to keep your customers busy on your platform. This will not only work with your new customers but also with existing customers. Thus the right choices of colors are a must, to engage more customers to your website.

  • Utilize white space: An experienced website designer makes appropriate use of white space for creating websites. This white space area does not carry any text or image. The basic purpose behind this is to increase the readability of visitors. It helps to clearly distinguish the meaning of the sentences. It provides the ability to the visitors to effectively decode your brand’s message, without putting any hard efforts.

Moreover, when one reads for a long duration of time, the eyes start feeling stress. White space helps to relieve the eyes from continuous stress. Thus it provides an opportunity to the visitors, to surf your website for a long period of time.

The leading example of the proper use of white space is Google’s Homepage. This provides the user to focus on only that part which is essential. In the case of Google, a logo, search box, and sign in the option are more important apart from rests as shown in the image. Thus to engage more customers, it is essential to make proper use of white space.

Utilization of white space

  • Mobile-friendly website: In a recent survey 57% of internet users told, they won’t recommend a poorly designed Mobile-friendly website. This draws our attention to the importance of a mobile-friendly website. These days it is essential to build a website that provides the good user experience, when accessed through mobile. Although hybrid apps (a combination of native apps and web apps) are providing good user experience. When it comes to mobile-friendly websites the game completely changes.

It will not only help you to engage more users on your platform. It also helps to increase Google SEO rankings. Google uses this factor on a priority basis for search result rankings. More mobile optimized your website means a higher ranking in Google search results.

These days the majority of the population around the world uses Mobile for website surfing and online shopping. A mobile-friendly website helps in engaging more users by providing unique experiences. Moreover, You can use Push Notifications especially in case of mobile-friendly websites. It helps you to effectively engage your customers to your platform with simple efforts.

  • Involvement of social media: Time was gone when one-way communication was effective. These days it is difficult to engage customers without the implementation of two-way communication. If you are thinking that you are responding to every query of your customers when they reach you. It will work to some extent but not fully. It is a difficult task for customers to visit your website for getting your phone number and email each and every time.

For effective communication you are required to show your presence on various social media platforms. It helps to rapidly interact with the customers thus providing them ease. In simple words, you need to magnify the visibility of your website. You can easily do this by participating in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

It provides your customers with a wider option to communicate with you directly within no time. This will not only help you to engage more customers but also aids in boosting your marketing campaign.

  • Be precise and simple with content: Content is one of the most definite elements that ensure high web engagement. Although it is an effective strategy to add maximum keywords for increasing SEO scores. But doing it in excessive on each page can confuse your visitors. This will not let them understand your message appropriately. As a result, they will lose interest and do not bother to read your content.

Moreover, when a large number of visitors are visiting your website through mobiles. It becomes important to provide only precise and meaningful sentences. This will help your visitors to understand your message quickly. You can take the help of bullet points, proper spaces between blocks of texts, and so on to increase reading efficiency. This will not only make visitors stay on your website for long, but also helps in engaging more customers.

  • Add visuals: Images and videos play a crucial role in deciding how much time a visitor spends on a website. A website with images and videos will attract visitors and motivates them to stay long. Moreover, if you are feeling that you are unable to put all valuable information on your website through text. Images and videos can do a job for you.

A short video is efficient to communicate your message to your visitors. It also helps to retain more as compared to the text. Below is the example for the same.


But one thing you need to take care of is to use limited images and videos. If you exceed a certain limit your website will become heavy and will be loaded slowly. When this technique is used strategically.

  • Navigation and call to actions: Navigation plays a crucial role in enhancing user experience. Make sure that all of the important pages can be accessed directly from the navigation menu. It helps the visitor to reach the destination quickly. You can use multiple points of navigation throughout your site.

One more thing that you need to focus on, is to add a sufficient call to the actions button. After all, why you want visitors to your website? Obviously you should have some motives. These motives can be made visible by adding a call to action buttons. These buttons will motivate the visitors to go for the desired action that you want from them. Some of the examples are shown below in the image.

a call to action buttons


Making a website more engaging seems to be a difficult task. But it is one of the easiest tasks to perform if done strategically. There are many factors that need to be considered while designing a website. Some of the most crucial and effective are presented to you in this resolute dossier. These tips from an expert will help you to make your website more engaging.

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