How to Prepare Yourself for Video Recording & Editing?

by KEN
How to Prepare Yourself for Video Recording

There is a lot of talk about videos on the web today. YouTubers are becoming more and more popular, mobile phones are spinning better and better – the entry threshold is very low. In addition, sports cameras give us the opportunity to create high quality materials. But that’s just a bit. In this post, you will learn how to prepare for making videos on the go. From the viewer’s side, everything seemed simple, from the practical side there was a lot of work.

Focus On a Subject

Regardless of whether you and your band are bursting with ideas for video, and your first concepts appear to be vivid science fiction, you must remember that your videos must contain specific threads, so that the viewer does not get lost for information obtained.

Write Out Your Ideas

The biggest mistake that most of us can’t avoid is trying to remember everything and keep it in our head. Write out your ideas may sound banal, but stick to a simple rule – every creation should have a beginning, development and ending, without it getting you to work for good, you will get stuck in chaos. Start with the main message and describe them in a few short points, and then gradually arrange them into a logical whole creating a script, and then a framework plan. A high-quality script will make it easier for you to work on the video, and you can create it in the best way using the tips on

Breakdown by Segment

After organizing your thoughts, make sure it sounds natural and your average will understand the text. Once you are satisfied with the overall tone of the written text, divide it into pieces – this way it will be easier to remember and read it straight to the camera.

Use a Professional Editing Program

It often happens that the subsequent processing of the raw video footages takes too much time. Therefore, the key here is above all a good and easy-to-use video editing program. If, like me, you want to quickly create unique videos without wasting too much time, then I recommend MiniTool MovieMaker. This is a video editor with which you can create beautiful videos from a script without specialist knowledge and master it in a matter of minutes. You’ll add filters, transitions, subtitles, a soundtrack, and most importantly, you can quickly trim or combine two or more clips into one.

more clips into one

I have been using this movie editor for a while and had no problems with it at the time of writing. It has an intuitive and clear interface, which makes video editing fast and convenient. Today I wanted to describe its functions and show how you can easily create wonderful videos in just a few minutes using this program.

If you have never used the editing program or have a minimal idea, you will find it quite quickly. We import files, add music and trim. These are the basic elements, although writing so briefly about assembly seems inappropriate, at the stage of simple functions it is enough. The shots you prepare and the idea for the video itself are important. Effects, additions, assembly tricks – it’s all time. You will also gain experience.

If you want to deepen the topic on how to make a video with MiniTool MovieMaker, you just have to read the tutorial of a specific practice.

Be sure to edit some video before you go. Download a video, e.g. a trailer that you like. Cut it yourself and see how it is assembled.

Music Selection

Music sets the tone for your entire recording – depending on whether you want to achieve a lighter, carefree film, calm or full of energy, or maybe serious and encouraging reflection, you should choose the background music. For beginners, however, it may be too difficult to comprehend, so we suggest narrowing your choice of soundtrack to several songs and sequentially playing songs simultaneously with the assembled video to see which one fits best.

Collect Additional Materials

Gathering the equipment you need, the only thing that really matters is the method you work out – the topic, script, implementation and post-production. The video is to arouse the viewer’s interest and trust. Let yourself be met and people will gladly come to your amazing video.


The purpose of my guide was not to prove that you can record a good quality video without any equipment except a smartphone and without extra efforts. Making videos without a plan never ends well. In no other category of creativity on the road do you have to think so much before leaving as in this case. These tips should help you avoid a few slip-ups and achieve satisfactory results in your preparation of video recording and editing.

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