How to Use Technology to Waste less Time

People waste a considerable amount of time on the internet using mobile devices, social media platforms, email, Netflix, text messaging and other online activities. For teenagers and adults who are born in the current digital age and are bound to cell phone screens and computers are feared to have a higher rate of depression. For many cases, the severity of illness has increased over time. One other fascinating thing here is that many people also waste a considerable amount of time searching for ways that can help them stay productive. This is due to the vast pool of information that people decide on to go through when they start researching or going through social media platforms and available websites. Here are a few ways that can help you use the internet and not waste a lot of time:

Get a Separate Computer for Work

For students, this is something that will be quite helpful. Especially for people who have more than one computer for gaming, studies and work. Getting this done is going to help your remove any kind of urge or temptation of wasting time playing games or using social media platforms or any of the chat software. You can use these apps and software if you need to talk to a teammate, go for a meeting, communicate with the customers, or fix a problem.

Turn Off Your Notifications

All the notifications and popups that appear on your computer become one of the biggest distractions when you are working on your computer. They show up even if you have blocked access to these notifications. There are a lot of such distractions loaded in your email inbox and mobile phone messages inbox. This means that you are giving away a lot of space to emails and notifications that are of no use to you. You can get rid of them in a very simple way. You can do this by using your phone’s Do Not Disturb mode when you are working. Also, you shouldn’t keep your social media apps and websites open when you are working in the daytime.

Use a Different Google Account

If you are fond of using Google Chrome to get things done, conduct research, or handle business tasks daily, you can create a different Google account on your browser. This is going to be very helpful for as it will get the help you need to stay away from bookmarks, notifications, and things that you do not want to get involved in while completing your tasks or while you are studying. Also, you can use Google Chrome to hide the bookmarks bar on your browser to avoid distractions caused by different links that you have bookmarked in the past.

Change Your Location

If you are using your computer away from home, you can hardly find time to use it for leisure activities. You can look for a specific spot on campus in a cafeteria or a coffee shop that is located near you. If you are a student, you can pick up a convenient spot in your college or university and complete your work. For people working in an office, you can select a quiet space for yourself to work. Also, make sure that your chair and workstation adds more to your comfort.

 Learn To Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can help you save you a large amount of time while you are working or writing an extensive write-up for your college or while you are at work. Using keyboard shortcuts is very necessary for people who have to note down a lot of things using Microsoft Word or Photoshop as these tasks become more time consuming if you will stick to using your mouse and arrow keys to navigate throughout your workspace. You can learn about these shortcuts using Cox Internet. Cox home phone and internet add more to the way you learn new things

Clean Up Your Computer

We all have the bad habit of keeping screenshots and other unnecessary data on our computers and clutter the desktop. This has an adverse effect on your computer and its performance as many programs, especially images take a lot of power to get processed on your screen and then their size and resolution vary as well. So it is necessary that you declutter not only your workspace and home but also your computer. You can backup your old files in a portable hard drive or on virtual storage space. This way you will not have to get a slow processing speed on your system or get your computer fixed every now and then

Be Realistic When Managing Your Time

When you are scheduling your day and creating a to-do list, it is very important that you should consider everything that you have on your plate. Be realistic when setting your daily, weekly, or monthly goals. Notice the small details that you go through and make necessary adjustments in your schedule. This doesn’t mean that you should compromise on your work quality and other things that you come across in-between. Take small breaks in between tasks so that you don’t get stressed out.

Key Takeaways

 Sometimes maintaining a continuous focus when you are working becomes difficult. It is a good thing that you always plan your day and set your goals accordingly. You can add more steps and procedures that can help yourself and prevent deviation from your goals and add more to your life.

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