Instagram Marketing in 2020: Easy Ways to Get Started

by KEN

Instagram is sweeping on the internet that has surpassed its parent company Facebook in terms of growth. The reason is undeniable; it is all about visual content and videos. The more visuals you share, the more interactions you get that lead to more Instagram followers. Below we are going to give a complete overview of how and why to do Instagram Marketing.

Create a content marketing strategy on Instagram

Once you have identified your target audience, the first thing to do is to structure the right content marketing strategy.

In fact, “being on Instagram” is not enough to be able to say that you are using this medium. Instead, it is necessary to study a path, even a creative one, which allows the user who follows the brand to receive interesting content. It is possible to bring the user to become ambassador and customer of the company.

As per SMMKART, To give a concrete (and simple) example, if the company is in the food sector, you will have to create a content marketing strategy that aims to give culinary indications such as recipes, ingredients, raw materials. The contents must not be strictly related to the sale of the product. But, they must serve to create interaction and a relationship of trust with the user, who will be interested in accessing the social network because he finds interesting content present on the company feed.

Create an editorial plan and editorial calendar

Once a clear content marketing strategy has been identified, shared with all team members, you can proceed to summarize what has been decided so far within the editorial plan for the social network. It means creating a document with objectives, targets, and ways of creating content within a document that becomes the guide to create future content to be posted on Instagram consistently.

This content will be programmed and inserted into an editorial calendar. Having an editorial calendar is essential because it allows you to never run out of content, as these are decided in time, with certain deadlines and with managers.

An editorial calendar is t made up of specific posts, inserted within a weekly and monthly calendar, to be followed to make sure you never run out of posts. Ideally, if we believe we have enough content, we could also post on Instagram every day, which means structuring an editorial calendar that needs to have several months already covered. It is desirable to have a calendar that requires posting two or three times a week.

Interact with followers and create a community

For the creation of a community on Instagram, it is essential to create a Comment Marketing activity, which is a strategy based on comments on photos similar to those published by your company. The use of Instagram Bots is increasingly frequent, which allows you to follow and comment on the basis of who uses specific hashtags within the caption.

The problem of Comment Marketing carried out with Bots is that it does not lead to the real creation of the community as a simple “Nice” or a little heart is not enough to really interact with the target audience. It is always better to search through hashtags for photos in line with your brand and comment on them manually and regularly. Write something that also leads to response and intrigues the user to compel them to follow you in turn.

Challenging competition

To participate in an Instagram contest, users must feel encouraged to share personal photos with a decidedly large network. To convince and involve the community, it is necessary to have an intriguing idea that somehow leverages the emotional sphere of the individual.

 Create a conversion funnel

When approaching Instagram as a medium for digital marketing, it is important to have a strategy upstream of the medium to convert followers into leads and, therefore, into customers. This can only be done through a special conversion funnel.

Unless you are promoting e-commerce and the goal is direct selling, you will have to provide a landing page and a CTA that invites users to leave their data.

The applicable strategies are different and naturally vary depending on the type of business. But keep in mind that:

  • You only have one link, the biography link
  • You have to be persuasive
  • You need to have a funnel to convert the contacts received into leads and customers.

 Tone of Voice

First of all, it is necessary to define a Tone of Voice consistent with the brand values, but that is in line with the target audiences, which are the potential members of the community. For the definition of the ToV, it is necessary to build a social media monitoring activity, i.e., monitoring user conversations. This type of activity can be verified through suitable online tools, such as RadianSocialbakers, and many others.


The use of emojis is absolutely not practiced for children; on the contrary, they can be used as a creative bullet for the subdivision of the fields of application. The visual content attracts much more than the textual, therefore putting emoticons that help to outline the bio is a way to get the user’s attention.

 CTA – Call to Action

In an Instagram Marketing strategy, it is always necessary to include a clear call to action to users. “Visit our website” or “Follow us on Facebook and Twitter” are CTA in all respects, and the message must be clear to users and traceable for the company, for instant, a Google Analytics tracking code. Instagram insights and external monitoring tools such as Analytics are a valuable aid for keeping track of user data and clicks.

The importance of photos and visual storytelling

Why visual storytelling has become fundamental in any digital strategy is easy to say? Recent research has shown that users have an average attention threshold of 8 seconds. This reveals the need for companies to be able to create attractive tools to ensure that the user’s eye stops to read and watch content. Instagram is the ideal tool for visual storytelling; it is the social network with the highest growth rate and offers a significantly higher engagement than Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Doing storytelling means telling stories for persuasive communication purposes, especially in the political, economic, and business fields.

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